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Forty-year-old FC Twente goalkeeper Sander Boschker has played over 500 matches for his club and on Tuesday, he made his first career Champions League start in the final match of the group stage against Spurs. Just 12 minutes later, he suffered an embarrassing bit of misfortune when the ball hit a bump in the pitch and bounced a little higher than he expected, turning his attempt to clear into an own goal for teammate Peter Wisgerhof.

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Of course, this kind of thing has happened to even the very best of goalkeepers and the match was virtually meaningless to begin with since Spurs and Inter already locked up the top two spots in the group. Despite all that, it's still not the kind of thing you want to happen within the first 15 minutes of your Champions League debut in front of your home crowd.  

Twente would go on to equalize just 10 minutes later and the match eventually ended 3-3, but still, the blooper reel is a merciless creature that does not care of circumstances or feelings. 

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Dirty Tackle

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