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Former Brazil manager Emerson Leao really does not like microphones in his mouth just after his Goias team squanders a 2-0 lead to end up with a 2-2 draw, as happened on Wedesday against Vitoria. His reaction to such an occurrence? Trying to attack the reporter holding that microphone and sparking a melee between his players and the press that resulted in a trip to the police station for questioning.

The AP explains how the dispute that led to one Goias player, striker Rafael Moura, punching that reporter kicked off:

The fight apparently began because Leao was upset with the refereeing and didn’t want to be interviewed after the match. Goias was leading 2-0 before Vitoria rallied for a tie late in the match.

Leao was heard complaining that the reporter, Roque Santos, was “putting the microphone to my mouth.” He raised his finger near the reporter’s face before pushing him away.

The reporter says he plans to sue Leao, Moura, and a couple other players for good measure even though Moura reportedly tried to apologize to him.

But Goias president Syd de Oliveira, of course, claims that the altercation was all the reporter's fault:

“Everyone saw that the reporter struck Leao with the microphone when the coach was trying to talk to the referee,” Oliveira told local media.

That might be something to think about. If Leao wasn't such a notorious hot head.

Leao, a former Brazil goalkeeper who coached the national team in 2002, is known for his temper on and off the field. He’s had confrontations with fans, team directors and the media throughout his coaching career. In 2008, he was attacked and beaten by a group of men connected to his former team Santos when he visited the club.

So, yeah, just another day in the life of Leao it seems. 

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Dirty Tackle

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