Twitter Reaction: HBO Suspends Then Cancels ‘Luck’ After Three Horses Die

The HBO series 'Luck' was canceled today after three horses died. Yesterday, the news was that this would be simply suspended and that the show would continue filming without horses. A couple of weeks ago, the show was lined up for a second season after being on the air for less than two months. Sadly, the repeated pattern of horses dying brought this show to an end. HBO told the Hollywood Reporter that the cancellation was not due to the ratings.

Of course, this sudden halt is sad news for ad-free fan-focused dot coms like On social media sources like GetGlue, Twitter, and the community forum where horse workers post, there was plenty being said about the cancellation of 'Luck'.

Fans respond to 'Luck' cancellation at GetGlue

If you love TV, you can go to and leave comments. As the news hit today about 'Luck' being cancelled, fans following the show were quick to show their sorrow. While many agreed that they were sad to see it go, they were also siding with the horses. However, one woman finds horse injury to be an absurd reason to cancel the show.

Bre St James says, "Canceled for too many horse deaths?? There is a show my husband has been watching (from Japan I believe) and at least two horses are kill in battle in each episode, the most recent episode of Luck showed a care facility for injured race horses.. Why aren't they watching what they cancel??"

Horse racing fans at TVG respond to 'Luck'

TVG is a horse racing channel and it attracts people that work in the industry. At their community forum, there were many opinions and explanations about what happened to the three horses that died while filming HBO's 'Luck'. Overall, most were confused since, " Didn't 'Seabsicuit' use dozens of horses, and not have a single fatality?"

Another forum post at TVG by amadam says, "Read BOTH sources carefully it seems that the horse was NOT being filmed, was being led to OR out of a barn area when it reared & fell backwards." Finally, a common reply is found on this thread that is similar to the following, "It is very sad that 3 horses have died during filming but the latest incident can't be blamed on the filming crew. Horses do rear up, fall backwards and fatally injure themselves."

Thoroughbred Champions explains 'Luck' horse deaths

Arguments found at follow TVG's forum users. TY88 says, "It wasn't a breakdown, just your regular horse accident. But I guess they have to appease the watchdogs. …. Yeah, I understand it, but anti-Luckites will spin it. If it was another breakdown, sure, criticize, but horses freak out and kill themselves all the time. Non-horse PETA-types could run with this and look like complete idiots doing it, but still get negative publicity for the show."

Epiphany agrees with TY88 but blames the show producers saying, "Hard to say, as yes, they can flip anytime and kill themselves, but implication here could be that the handlers might not be the best horsemen."

Twitter users show love and hate for 'Luck' on HBO

You will find that there are many 'Luck' fans on Twitter that are having a tough time coming to grips with the ending of this show. A tweet from @BryAlexand states, "I find this insane." Agreeing with him, @Rove says, "Tough decision, I'm sure but well done @HBO for making it." Also, @gimelresh re-emphasizes a common theme in tweets with, "Shame about the horses. It was a good show as well."

However, @Ch_eekyGirl finds her fantasies are crashing down around her and posts, "HOLY WTF! My dreams of a Hoffman/Farnia pairing are over!"

Happy to see 'Luck' gone

For all of the support that HBO is getting for making a great show, others are happy that 'Luck' has been canceled. Good examples are @PokercastAdam who says, "This is an outrage, it should have been cancelled for how boring it is." Other commentary on the writing of the show includes a tweet from @ShayNaqvi, "They can blame the horses now, instead of the dry dialogue and plot."

A change of luck for HBO

Among the positive and negative Twitter reactions about the HBO show cancellation are a few tweets that see it as a way for the network to change its luck. @Powell_Channing suggests, "Maybe this means they can bring back Bored to Death!" Also, @MattGoldberg advises that all horse-related television shows take note by saying, "What does the cancellation of LUCK mean for other slow-paced and dense horse-racing dramas?"

Finally, comedian Michael Ian Black rounds up his thoughts on the matter with, "The biggest surprise about making "Luck" isn't that it killed three horses but that it didn't kill Nick Nolte."

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Updated Wednesday, Mar 14, 2012