World Junior Hockey Championships: Sunaya in Ufa, Russia

Yahoo! Canada Sport's junior hockey writer/editor Sunaya Sapurji is in Ufa covering all things world juniors. Here's what she sees at the tournament.

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Here's your crowd shot for Canada vs. US. The majority of fans here, based on the concourse crowd are Russian. (Sunaya Sapurji)

Good morning hockey fans! Warmups are underway at the Ufa Arena. Canada vs. USA. (Sunaya Sapurji)

More ice sculpture outside the rink. (Sunaya Sapurji)

Outside the rink there are a number of large ice sculptures. They've even made a large slide for kids out ice. (Sunaya Sapurji)

A very large tree decorated with lights. It looks particularly beautiful at night. (Sunaya Sapurji)

Bomb sniffing dogs are seen frequently throughout the day at the rink. This dog officer made the rounds during Team USA's morning skate. (Sunaya Sapurji)

Foam #1 fingers are available at the concessions. (Sunaya Sapurji)

Foam #1 fingers are available at the concessions. (Sunaya Sapurji)

These are some of the snacks available at the concession stands in the Ufa Arena. (Sunaya Sapurji)

The local supermarkets sell a vast array of different kinds of vodka. In addition to the straight stuff there are also vodkas flavoured with things like chili peppers and birch bark. (Sunaya Sapurji)

Russian wine in a box. (Sunaya Sapurji)

Russian McDonalds! (Sunaya Sapurji)

"50 Shades Of Grey" is a big seller in Russia too. (Sunaya Sapurji)

Hey, is that the gun stall at the mall in Ufa, Russia? Yes. Of course it is! (Sunaya Sapurji)

Russians claim Hockey Is Their Game (Sunaya Sapurji)

Cheerleaders at WJHC 2013 (Sunaya Sapurji)

A few fans in Ufa at WJHC (Sunaya Sapurji)

Team Canada lined up on the blue line in Ufa, Russia at WJHC 2013 (Sunaya Sapurji)

Hey look, NHL - this is what playing hockey looks like. (Sunaya Sapurji)

Pretty ice sculptures in Ufa, Russia at the World Junior Hockey Championships. (Sunaya Sapurji)