'The Walking Dead': 13 of the survivors' unluckiest moments

Kimberly Potts
Writer, Yahoo Entertainment

To celebrate the Oct. 22 Season 8 premiere of The Walking Dead — the series’ 100th episode — Yahoo TV will be posting a new TWD-related story every day through the season opener.

Anyone who’s still alive in the world of The Walking Dead owes that fact, partially at least, to luck. They’ve all experienced plenty of instances of bad luck too, but there’s simply no way life goes on for you in the apocalypse if a lot of things haven’t broken in your favor along the way. In honor of Friday the 13th — a day that, luckily, brings us one day closer to the TWD Season 8 premiere — here’s a look back at 13 times the Walking Dead gang suffered devastating, and sometimes deadly, misfortune.

The Walking Dead Season 8 premieres Oct. 22 at 9 p.m. on AMC.

Bad aim

Season 6, “Twice As Far”
Dwight was the one with the poor crossbow skills, but it was Denise who suffered the consequences when she was out on a supply run with Daryl and Rosita. As Denise was telling her friends how brave and smart and good they are, an arrow came flying out of nowhere and right through Denise’s skull. She was dead … via an arrow Dwight meant to land in Daryl’s noggin.

(Image: AMC)

Bad to the bone

Season 5, “Four Walls and a Roof”
Gareth and his Terminus peeps thought they’d gotten the last laugh on Rick’s group when they kidnapped Bob and chopped off his leg for a Bob-b-q snack. But it was Bob who laughed the loudest when he revealed to Gareth and his fellow cannibals that they’d just noshed on “tainted meat”: Unbeknownst to his friends or enemies, Bob had been bitten by a walker earlier in the day while on a supply run.

(Image: AMC)

Oh, brother

Season 3, “This Sorrowful Life”
Daryl Dixon began to evolve, to make new connections and become a valued member of the Grimes gang, once he was separated from his big brother, Merle. Merle … not so much. But in spite of their considerable differences, Daryl still loved his bro, which made it truly heartbreaking when Daryl, the only one who truly cared about Merle, also had to be the one to kill the zombified eldest Dixon.

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He had Morgan’s back

Season 6, “Here’s Not Here”
And unfortunately, a zombie had his. Eastman’s back, that is. The friend who took Morgan in and helped him regain some sanity after the death of his son, Duane, and the madness that followed, Eastman taught Morgan how to fight so he could avoid killing. But as the two practiced Morgan’s new techniques, an approaching walker sparked flashbacks in the still fragile Morgan, and when Eastman stepped up to save him, the zombie took a bit out of his back instead.

(Image: AMC)

Bathroom break

Season 1, “Vatos”
Just after Andrea and her little sister, Amy, had a chance to reconnect during a fishing expedition, and to cook up a whole mess of their prize for a group dinner, tragedy struck. Amy complained when Andrea got nervous about her simple trip to the bathroom, but Andrea knew even a potty break could lead to death, as it did for Amy, who was bitten by a walker (played by TWD executive producer Greg Nicotero) on her way out of Dale’s RV restroom.

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Citizen on patrol

Season 2, “Judge, Jury, Executioner”
Surrogate father to some, friend and moral conscience for all, Dale was doing his part to keep the group safe as he patrolled the field around Hershel’s farm. But neither he nor any of the other group members knew there was a walker on a snack hunt. Earlier in the day, Carl had thrown rocks at the walker, then ran away before killing it when the growler came too close. As Daryl put a bullet in Dale’s head to stop the pain he was in from his innards being ripped out, Carl looked at the zombie beside him and realized he’d help lead him right to Dale.

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Birth day

Season 3, “Killer Within”
Doctor Hershel was in the prison, Carol had been practicing how to perform a C-section, and the rest of Rick’s group was also ready to jump in and help Lori give birth. But, as so often happens in apocalyptic life, life turned deadly on a dime, and a crisis with walkers within the prison walls and Lori’s sudden labor meant Maggie had to cut her belly open with Carl’s knife, without anesthesia, to save baby Judith. More tragedy: Lori didn’t survive the birth, and before she turned, Carl had to be the one to prevent her zombification. Still more crushing aftermath: Rick went to retrieve his wife’s body, only to discover nothing but the bloated walker who’d eaten all of her.

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He got the wrong guy

Season 7, “Bury Me Here”
Sweet Kingdom teen Benjamin was already one of the community’s most mature, impressive citizens, training as a fighter, raising his younger brother when they were orphaned, and looking to men like Ezekiel and Morgan for cues on how to grow into a good man. And so it was truly a terrible loss when Richard hatched his plan to provoke weaselly Savior Jared into killing him (thus, Richard thought, pushing Ezekiel into agreeing to fight Negan), only to have Jared decide to shoot Benjamin instead. The young man died from the wound, which led Morgan not only to kill Richard, but to have a breakdown that harkened back to his “Clear” days, after the death of his son.

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For Pete’s sake

Season 5, “Conquer”
Oh, that Pete Anderson was one bad, angry dude. And when he marched into the middle of a town gathering, with Michonne’s katana in his hands, you knew it wasn’t going to end well for someone. Pete intended to kill Rick, the man who was unwilling to let Pete’s abusive, bullying ways continue (especially since Rick had a thang for Pete’s wife, Jessie). But when Deanna’s husband, Reg, tried to be the voice of reason in the unfolding chaos, Pete pushed him out of the way, and the katana sliced Reg’s neck open in the process. Reg had been shockingly, accidentally killed, and Deanna could not forgive Pete’s mistake; she ordered Rick to execute Pete on the spot.

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No. 1 with a bullet

Season 7, “Hearts Still Beating”
Rosita had the best of intentions when she used the DIY bullet Eugene made for her to take one shot at killing Negan and ending his tyranny. Unfortunately, the bullet hit Lucille the bat instead of Negan the rat, which had many unintended, far-reaching consequences: 1) Negan cut Rosita’s face; 2) he made his minion, Arat, kill someone as punishment, and she shot Olivia; 3) Negan realized someone had the skills to make bullets, and when he found out it was Eugene, he kidnapped Mr. Porter and took him home to the Sanctuary, where Eugene currently remains.

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Un-well walker

Season 2, “Cherokee Rose”
It was a good idea the gang had, snaking Glenn down a well on Hershel’s property, so Glenn could tie a rope around the bloated walker soaking up the water at the bottom, and potentially contaminating it. Glenn got the rope around him, and Shane, Dale, and Andrea began to drag W.W. up. But just as they got him to the top, his body got caught on the lip of the well, and he split in half, with his rotten guts spilling into the very water the group was trying to protect from him.

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No thanks

Season 6, “Thank You”
Glenn was a softie, a guy who genuinely believed people were worthy of second and — in Nicholas’s case — third and fourth chances. That’s how he ended up at the end of an alley, on top of a Dumpster, surrounded by hangry walkers, with Nicholas as his companion. Not ideal circumstances, to say the least. But things went from bad to nearly deadly for Glenn when cowardly Nicholas thanked Glenn for giving him a chance to redeem himself, then shot himself in the head. The blast propelled Nicholas towards Glenn, and the weight of his body pulled Glenn down into the middle of the chomping horde, where, for three episodes, many viewers assumed Glenn was zombie chow.

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All alone

Season 6, “Heads Up”
The unluckiest thing that ever happened to Spencer Monroe? Probably the arrival of Rick Grimes and company at the gates of Alexandria. Because, though Spencer and his family had managed to survive the apocalypse up to that point — and to build the tricked-out community in the first place — the arrival of Rick and his friends fairly quickly led to the death of Spencer’s brother, then his father, then his mother. The one time he tried to do something brave — grappling over the town walls to get to a car and try to lead the walker herd away — he failed miserably, and caused Rick and the others to have to risk their lives to save his. Finally, when he made the mistake of going behind Rick’s back to try to take control of Alexandria and bargain with Negan, it was Negan who was most disgusted of all … so disgusted that he gutted Spencer and left him to zombify in the street, ending, once and for all, the Monroe family’s legacy in the town they founded.

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