Top 10 player names of March Madness

We’ve scoured the March Madness rosters and have found the best player names. These athletes’ parents got creative when coming up with names.

Chance Comanche, Arizona

Shout out to Comanche’s parents for picking the perfect accompaniment to a last name that was already fun to say.

Lourawls “Tum Tum” Nairn, Michigan State

Nairn’s given name was great enough, but his nickname and his nickname comes from a character in the 1992 film “3 Ninjas.”

Scoochie Smith, Dayton

Scoochie says he doesn’t really know how his grandfather came up with his nickname, but it’s magnificent nonetheless.

Raekwon Harney, NC Central

Wu Tang forever.

Jack Salt, UVA


Seventh Woods, UNC

Seventh’s name comes from one of his father’s favorite scriptures. It also helps that he was born on August 7th, seven years after his youngest older sibling.

Jock Landale and Jock Perry (not pictured), Saint Mary’s

Saint Mary’s is well known for its Australian pipeline, but they’ve really outdone themselves with not one, but TWO guys named Jock.

Giddy Potts, Middle Tennessee State

Potts was instrumental in Middle Tennessee State’s upset of Michigan State last season.

Maxx Bleecher, FGCU

It’s only fitting that Bleecher hails from Dunk City.

King McClure, Baylor

With a name like King, you better be able to ball.