See All the <em>It Ends with Us</em> Set Pictures with Blake Lively

Deep in Conversation

Oh, the drama! Lively and Sklenar appeared to be deep in conversation as they filmed a scene together.

Hello, Lily!

On May 15, fans got the first look at Blake Lively as Lily as she filmed It Ends with Us in Jersey City wearing a tan halter dress. The actress was seen chatting with a few crew members in between takes.

Better Off Red

Of course, it was Lively's red hair that had everyone talking! Lively previously gave a glimpse of her new do in January following her casting announcement for the movie — for which she is an executive producer.

Our Ryle and Lily

On May 15, Lively was also photographed filming a scene with Justin Baldoni, who plays Ryle and serves as the film's director. For the scene, Lively donned a fuchsia-colored coat and light pink Carhartt T-shirt knotted on the side over her dress.

First Look at Atlas

Fans got the first look at Brandon Sklenar in character as Atlas as filming took place in New York City on May 18. The 1923 actor was all smiles as he donned a suede jacket and white t-shirt on set.

Laughs Between Takes

Lively was photographed sharing a laugh with Sklenar, who plays Lily's old flame in the movie.

A Stroll in the City

The two were seen taking a stroll around N.Y.C. on set, with Lively donning an oversized plaid coat and strawberry blonde locks.

Sharing an Embrace

Lively and Sklenar leaned in for a hug during what appeared to be an emotional moment between their characters.

Meet Alyssa

Fans got the first look at Jenny Slate as Alyssa on May 17, as filming took place in New Jersey. The comedic actress plays Ryle's sister, who has a crucial role in the book.

Cues from the Director

Baldoni put on his director hat to chat with Slate during a scene. (And, we imagine, to compliment her on that killer wardrobe.)

Seeing Green

Lively hopped into a lime green car as she filmed a few scenes around N.Y.C. on May 18.

Fashion Sense

While filming in New Jersey on May 17, Lively gave a glimpse of Lily's funky fashion sense as she donned a patchwork jacket, maroon cargo pants and a beanie.

Happy Days

The actress flashed a bright smile as she prepared to film a scene (with a green drink in hand)!

Colleen Hoover's hit novel, It Ends with Us, is being turned into a movie starring Blake Lively and Justin Baldoni. As filming kicks off, see all the set pictures of the cast members in character