On Canada Project Opinion: 'Jordan Peterson's BS tweets have real consequences'

OnCanada Project is a social advocacy group made up of neighbourhood nerds who are here to dismantle the status quo and champion change in our lives.

On August 23rd, an Ontario court ruled against conservative, 'anti-woke self-help guru' Jordan Peterson for his hateful and abusive Twitter posts, and misconduct.

The College of Psychologists of Ontario ordered him to take social media training, or lose his license .

We're obsessed with Rachel Gilmore's breakdown of what happened.

While social media training may be a good first step, we'd like to see even more accountability because Jordan Peterson's tweets have real consequences.

They aren't just 'sh*tposts' in the void. Jordan Peterson is a man who deliberately uses his academic credentials and status to paint himself as a moral authority - and people take his beliefs and opinions with weight.

And that's precisely why it's so shameful that he uses that power to spread disinformation that actively harms marginalized folks and our planet.

We explain why we want to see more of a pro-human-rights stance from our systems and courts.

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