How Hollywood is reacting to the Harvey Weinstein scandal

Taryn Ryder
Writer, Yahoo Entertainment & Lifestyle

Co-founder Harvey Weinstein has been fired from the Weinstein Company in the wake of the explosive New York Times report that the producer has been sexually harassing women for decades. The scandal has rocked Hollywood and some of its biggest stars whose careers have been heavily intertwined with Weinstein. Take a look at which celebs have spoken out against the disgraced mogul.

Kevin Smith

The writer and director — who worked with Weinstein on films such as Clerks, Mallrats, and Chasing Amy — was asked by a fan on Twitter about the accusations against the producer. “He financed the first 14 years of my career — and now I know while I was profiting, others were in terrible pain. It makes me feel ashamed,” Smith replied. (Photo: Rich Polk/Getty Images for IMDb)

Meryl Streep

The Oscar-winning actress has had a long and successful working relationship with Weinstein, even referring to him as “God” during a Golden Globes acceptance speech in 2012. Streep has issued a statement on the “disgraceful” news, calling the women who have come forward “heroes.” However, she maintains that she knew nothing about Weinstein’s alleged offenses. “Not everybody knew,” she tells Huffington Post. “I did not know about his financial settlements with actresses and colleagues; I did not know about his having meetings in his hotel room, his bathroom, or other inappropriate, coercive acts. And if everybody knew, I don’t believe that all the investigative reporters in the entertainment and the hard news media would have neglected for decades to write about it.” (Photo: Wiktor Szymanowicz/Barcroft Im/Barcroft Media via Getty Images)

Lena Dunham

The Girls star is always an advocate for women, so it’s no surprise that she’s taking a hard stance against the producer. “The women who chose to speak about their experience of harassment by Harvey Weinstein deserve our awe. It’s not fun or easy. It’s brave,” she tweeted. Dunham further defended the alleged victims, adding, “Imagine you’d worked your ass off to get into an industry and coming forward would take it all away?” She also called out those in the industry who have stayed silent all of those decades. “Easy to think Weinstein company took swift action but this has actually been the slowest action because they always always knew,” she alleged. (Photo: Rob Kim/Getty Images)

Mark Ruffalo

The Avengers star is one of the biggest actors to publicly speak out against Weinstein. “To be clear what Harvey Weinstein did was a disgusting abuse of power and horrible. I hope we are now seeing the beginning of the end of these abuses,” he shared. (Photo: Brad Barket/Getty Images)

Emmy Rossum

The Shameless star is another actress who was not having it. “The ‘old dinosaur’ explanation doesn’t cut it. DECADES of using power to intimidate women for sexual gain is reprehensible and inexcusable,” she tweeted. Rossum was referring to Weinstein’s apology, where he said, “I came of age in the 60’s and 70’s, when all the rules about behavior and workplaces were different. That was the culture then. I have since learned it’s not an excuse, in the office — or out of it.” (Photo: Mike Pont/WireImage)

Michael Keaton

Keaton recently starred in the Weinstein-backed film The Founder, and he made his thoughts on the sexual harassment allegations clear in less than 140 characters. “H Weinstein -yikes! Disgusting and creepy. So is ‘leader of the free world’ btw,” he tweeted. (Photo: Christopher Polk/Getty Images)

Rose McGowan

The Scream star is one of the eight women whom Weinstein allegedly settled with; however, she has not stayed silent in the wake of the Times article. “Ladies of Hollywood, your silence is deafening,” McGowan tweeted, calling men who have worked with Weinstein “weak and scared” to come forward. “Agents, managers, Directors, casting agents, producers, distributors, SAG, DGA, PGA, Studio heads, Network = 30 year cover up,” she claims. The Charmed star has called on the Weinstein board to “resign effective immediately.” (Photo: Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic)

Ashley Judd

The actress, who worked on Kiss the Girls with Weinstein, was one of the few women to go on the record describing her alleged harassment. Judd told the New York Times that Weinstein had propositioned her in a hotel room, allegedly asking if he could give her a massage or if she would watch him shower. “Women have been talking about Harvey amongst ourselves for a long time, and it’s simply beyond time to have the conversation publicly,” she said. (Photo: Gabriel Olsen/FilmMagic)

Judd Apatow

Apatow is another male in the industry who has spoken out, denouncing Weinstein’s alleged actions. “What Harvey Weinstein did was abhorrent. He admits he did it. Why should anyone be silent in their disgust and support for his victims?” he tweeted. (Photo: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)

Jessica Chastain

Similar to McGowan, Chastain also called upon Weinstein’s male collaborators to speak up and denounce his alleged actions. “Yes. I’m sick of the media demanding only women speak up. What about the men? Perhaps many are afraid to look at their own behavior….” she shared. (Photo: Gisela Schober/Getty Images)

Paul Feig

Another man who had no problem speaking up was Bridesmaids and Ghostbusters director Feig. “There is no excuse for monsters like Harvey Weinstein. It’s up to all of us, men and women, to speak up against sexual harassment and abuse,” he wrote. (Photo: John Lamparski/WireImage)

Seth Rogen

Rogen was one of the first big stars to condemn Weinstein’s alleged behavior. “I believe all the women coming forward about Harvey Weinstein’s sexual harassment. It takes bravery to do so,” he shared on social media. (Photo: Tara Ziemba/FilmMagic)

Heather Graham

Graham minced no words about her reaction to the story. “Women speak out about sexual harassment + Harvey Weinstein gets fired. This is the best + most inspiring news story I have seen in a while,” she exclaimed. (Photo: Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images)

Judi Dench

Similar to Streep, Dame Judi Dench — who has worked with Weinstein on films such as Shakespeare in Love and My Week With Marilyn — is also claiming she was not aware of his behavior behind closed doors. “Whilst there is no doubt that Harvey Weinstein has helped and championed by film career for the past twenty years,” she tells The Sun. “I was completely unaware of these offenses which are, of course, horrifying and I offer my sympathy to those who have suffered, and wholehearted support to those who have spoken out.” (Photo: Anthony Harvey/WireImage)

Julianne Moore

“Coming forward about sexual abuse and coercion is scary and women have nothing to be gained by personally doing so,” the Oscar-winning actress tweeted following the allegations. “But through their bravery we move forward as a culture and I think them. Stand with @AshleyJudd @rosemcgowan and others.” (Photo: Anthony Harvey/Getty Images)

Kate Winslet

Winslet, who won an Oscar for her performance in the Weinstein backed film, The Reader, called the producer’s alleged actions “disgraceful and appalling and very, very wrong.” She added, “I had hoped that these kind of stories were just made up rumors, maybe we have all been naïve. And it makes me so angry. There must be ‘no tolerance’ of this degrading, vile treatment of women in any workplace anywhere in the world.” (Photo: Jim Spellman/WireImage)

Glenn Close

In a lengthy statement, the actress admitted to hearing rumors of Weinstein’s behavior. “I’m sitting here, deeply upset, acknowledging to myself that, yes, for many years, I have been aware of the vague rumors that Harvey Weinstein had a pattern of behaving inappropriately around women,” she said. “Harvey has always been decent to me, but now that the rumors are being substantiated, I feel angry and darkly sad.” Now, Close is calling for action. “No one should be coerced into trading personal dignity for professional success,” she says. “I feel the time is long and tragically overdue for all of us in the industry, women and men, to unite — calmly and dispassionately — and create a new culture of respect, equality and empowerment, where bullies and their enablers are no longer allowed to prosper.” (Photo: Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images)

Jennifer Lawrence

Lawrence won an Oscar for Best Actress after starring in the Weinstein film, Silver Linings Playbook; however, she too is claiming she knew nothing about the producer’s behavior. “I was deeply disturbed to hear the news about Harvey Weinstein’s behavior. I worked with Harvey five years ago and I did not experience any form of harassment personally, nor did I know about any of these allegations. This kind of abuse is inexcusable and absolutely upsetting,” she said in a statement. “My heart goes out to all of the women affected by these gross actions. And I want to thank them for their bravery to come forward.” (Photo: Getty Images)

George Clooney

The actor called Weinstein’s behavior “indefensible.” In a statement to the The Daily Beast Clooney added, “Harvey’s admitted to it, and it’s indefensible. I’ve known Harvey for 20 years. He gave me my first big break as an actor in films on From Dusk Till Dawn, he gave me my first big break as a director with Confessions of a Dangerous Mind. We’ve had dinners, we’ve been on location together, we’ve had arguments. But I can tell you that I’ve never seen any of this behavior — ever.” (Photo: Getty Images)