‘Game of Thrones’ Season 7 Peril-o-Meter: Who Dies Next?

Robert Chan

Season 7 of Game of Thrones will see worlds collide, as Daenerys Targaryen arrives in Westeros to stake a claim to the Iron Throne. She’ll have to wrest it from Cersei Lannister’s cold, scheming fingers, though. And then there are the Starks, who have finally returned to and regained their family seat in Winterfell. Of course, the greatest threat of all is waiting on the other side of the Wall — the Night King and his army of white walkers.

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It’s not easy predicting who will be the next to go on Game of Thrones. Some deaths seem so certain as to be almost predestined (Ramsay Bolton); some were literally predestined (Cersei’s children, Hodor); and some feel like they’re there just to mess with us — Ned Stark’s death basically told us, “This ain’t your grandfather’s fantasy series.” We did pretty well with last year’s Peril-o-Meter, so here are our best predictions for this season on a scale of 1 to 5 — with 1 being “Very Likely to Survive” and 5 being “Call a Mortician.”

Game of Thrones Season 7 premieres Sunday, July 16 at 9 p.m. on HBO.

Arya Stark: 1

To survive in Westeros, it takes a combination of purpose, skill, charm, and luck. Purpose, Arya learned early: Her List has given her the will to survive. She charmed Syrio Forel, Jaqen H’ghar, and the Hound into protecting her until she could protect herself. She learned the necessary skills to vanquish her foes — and do it without being seen — from the Faceless Men. She may be one of the most dangerous people in Westeros; certainly, she’s the hardest to kill.

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Bran Stark: 1

Bran is still getting used to his new powers, but he’s clearly proved to be more of a danger to others than to himself — the next time he gets into trouble, he can just dive back into the past and wreck somebody’s brain to make sure he’s safe. The Night King has taken an unnatural interest in Bran, but of all the characters in the show, only Bran has the mystical tools to understand and deal with the threat of the White Walkers. That makes it unlikely that he’ll die simply for story reasons.

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Brienne of Tarth: 4

Having honor and loyalty is a sure way to get you killed in Westeros. Once she strangles the Red Woman with her bare hands for what happened to Renly Baratheon, Brienne doesn’t have much to live for. As much as we’d love to see her go off and make tiny (OK, huge, hairy babies) with Tormund, it’s much more likely that she’ll die trying to protect an unappreciative Sansa.

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Bronn: 1

There are survivors and there are those who have elevated surviving to an art form. No matter how many scrapes he gets in, Ser Bronn, Hero of Blackwater Bay, will find a way out.

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Cersei Lannister: 4

Her father is dead. Her children are dead. Her brother/lover has seemingly abandoned her. And all she got was this lousy Iron Throne. Cersei’s policy of crushing any opposition has worked so far, but it hasn’t left her with many friends. Aside from Qyburn and his pet zombie, Cersei is ill-prepared to deal with the Targaryen armies to the south, Snow’s armies in the North, and who knows what Euron and the Iron Islands hordes are planning. She’s got the throne, but she won’t have it for long.

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Daenerys Targaryen: 3

Is Daenerys the most likely person to end up on the Iron Throne when all is said and done? Yes. But that’s frequently the refrain heard moments before someone’s head is lopped off or someone is filled full of arrows or the room fills with wildfire. George R.R. Martin delights in confounding expectations with the unexpected death of protagonists.

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Ser Davos: 3

Davos is a good man, and an honest man, and a smart man. How he hasn’t been brutally murdered yet like every other decent person in Game of Thrones is a mystery, but things won’t be getting any easier for him just because he no longer owes allegiance to a baby killer (RIP Shireen). Nobody’s safe when they’re facing off against the White Walkers, though.

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The Hound: 2

Bigger isn’t always better; his brother, the Mountain, learned that the hard way. Sandor Clegane has learned how to keep his head down, which is tough when your head’s that high up. He’s strong enough to protect himself and wary enough not to get involved in anything too dangerous.

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Jaime Lannister: 4

The Kingslayer has been on the block for a while; frankly, he is lucky that his hand is the only thing he’s had chopped off so far. It should be a good thing that his sister is Queen, but she’s a different person now. The last time a ruler decided to use wildfire on his own people, Jaime killed him. It’s a safe bet he’ll do it again — or die trying.

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Jon Snow: 3

Despite what you may have heard, Jon Snow knows some things. He knows how to lead an army, he knows that the biggest threat to Westeros is the White Walkers, and he knows what it’s like to die and come back. Despite being the odds-on favorite to be the “Ice” in the “Song of Ice and Fire,” there’s still no guarantee that D.B. Weiss and David Benioff aren’t planning a Ned-like surprise second exit for the king in the North.

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Jorah Mormont: 5

If the grayscale doesn’t kill him, it’s a fair bet that he’ll do something stupid to win Dany’s love and die in the attempt. How is this guy related to eternal badasses Jeor and Lyanna Mormont?

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Littlefinger: 2

Petyr Baelish is always two steps ahead of his competition, and should things go wrong, his Eyrie retreat is almost unassailable. His biggest weakness is his alliance with Jon Snow — but not because of the enemies it made him in King’s Landing. Jon is at the frontline of the battle against the White Walkers, and no amount of political deftness or manipulation can protect Littlefinger from the Night King.

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Melisandre: 5

There aren’t enough smoke babies and fire magics in the world to protect her from the people who want her dead. It seems quite likely, though, that she will be a victim of her own sorcery. As magic grows more potent in the world, it’s clear that what little knowledge and mastery she has over it is useless. It won’t end well.

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Lady Olenna: 5

Cersei burned the last of the Queen of Thorns’ legacy away in the Sept of Baelor. Now, all that remains for Lady Olenna is vengeance. If she doesn’t kill herself doing it, she’ll probably take a very nice overdose of sleeping potion to go out with the grace and elegance you’d expect of her.

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Samwell Tarly: 3

Making it to the Citadel is a bit like Harry Potter coming to Hogwarts for the first time: After a lifetime of neglect, he’s finally where he belongs to fulfill his destiny. Of course, Harry was almost killed dozens of times, and Sam won’t find it any easier. Never mind a furious father or the dangers that Gilly will face in Oldtown — there’s no way the other aspiring Maesters in the Citadel won’t have some sort of semi-lethal hazing in store for him.

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Sansa Stark: 2

The romantic hearts that were once in Sansa’s eyes have been replaced by steely flint. She’s been through a lot, but more important, she’s learned a lot. Her tutelage under Littlefinger has taught her the art of intrigue and, perhaps most important, taught her not to trust Littlefinger.

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Theon Greyjoy: 4

In the first episode, Theon was an insufferably pompous little jerk, but six seasons have left him humbled — and several extremities lighter. After all that his sister, Yara, has done for him, it seems only fitting that he leap in front of an arrow meant for her to finish things off.

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Tyrion Lannister: 3

For so many reasons, Tyrion is indispensable. He is a well-read and empathetic adviser. He is screamingly funny. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that Peter Dinklage has an Emmy for the role. But he is frequently the target of assassination attempts, and it’s only going to get worse once Team Dany makes it to Westerosi shores.

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Lord Varys: 3

The Spider has amassed power and influence for decades from the shadows, but now that he’s thrown in with House Targaryen, Varys is as exposed as he’s ever been. Largely cut off from his information network in King’s Landing, he may not be able to see the assassin’s blade coming in time.

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Yara Greyjoy: 4

She is smart, strong, and an inspiring leader, but her enemies are too numerous to count. Standing by Daenerys only means that now she’ll have the choice: Would she like to die by wildfire or dragon fire?

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