Delhi elections: Biggest winners and losers

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As the results of the Delhi elections came out on Tuesday, this is how the prominent faces of all the political parties fared at the ballot box. Take a look at some important results from the Assembly elections in the national capital.

<strong>WINS </strong>against Sunil Kumar Yadav (BJP) from <strong>New Delhi </strong>by 21,697 votes
Arvind Kejriwal (Aam Aadmi Party)
WINS against Sunil Kumar Yadav (BJP) from New Delhi by 21,697 votes
<strong>WINS </strong>against Ravinder Singh Negi (BJP) from <strong>Patparganj </strong>by 3,207 votes
Manish Sisodia (Aam Aadmi Party)
WINS against Ravinder Singh Negi (BJP) from Patparganj by 3,207 votes
<strong>LOSES </strong>to Akhilesh Tripathi (AAP) from <strong>Model Town </strong>by 11,133 votes
Kapil Mishra (Bhartiya Janata Party)
LOSES to Akhilesh Tripathi (AAP) from Model Town by 11,133 votes
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<strong>WINS </strong>against Braham Singh (BJP) from <strong>Okhla </strong>by 71,827 votes
Amanatullah Khan (Aam Aadmi Party)
WINS against Braham Singh (BJP) from Okhla by 71,827 votes
<strong>LOSES </strong>to Anil Kumar Bajpai (BJP) from <strong>Gandhi Nagar </strong>by 26,911 votes
Arvinder Singh Lovely (Congress)
LOSES to Anil Kumar Bajpai (BJP) from Gandhi Nagar by 26,911 votes
<strong>LOSES </strong>to Gopal Rai (AAP) from <strong>Babarpur </strong>by 33,062 votes
Naresh Gour (Bhartiya Janata Party)
LOSES to Gopal Rai (AAP) from Babarpur by 33,062 votes
<strong>WINS </strong>against Dharambir Singh (BJP) from <strong>Kalkaji </strong>by 11,393 votes
Atishi Marlena (Aam Aadmi Party)
WINS against Dharambir Singh (BJP) from Kalkaji by 11,393 votes
<strong>LOSES </strong>to Raj Kumari Dhillon (AAP) from <strong>Hari Nagar </strong>by 20,131 votes
Tajinder Bagga (Bhartiya Janata Party)
LOSES to Raj Kumari Dhillon (AAP) from Hari Nagar by 20,131 votes
<strong>WINS </strong>against Sardar RP Singh (BJP) from <strong>Rajinder Nagar </strong>by 20,058 votes
Raghav Chadha (Aam Aadmi Party)
WINS against Sardar RP Singh (BJP) from Rajinder Nagar by 20,058 votes
<strong>WINS </strong>against Rajesh Bansiwala (AAP) from <strong>Rohini </strong>by 12,648 votes
Vijender Gupta (Bhartiya Janata Party)
WINS against Rajesh Bansiwala (AAP) from Rohini by 12,648 votes
<strong>LOSES </strong>to Parlad Singh Sawhney (AAP) from <strong>Chandni Chowk </strong>by 47,010 votes
Alka Lamba (Congress)
LOSES to Parlad Singh Sawhney (AAP) from Chandni Chowk by 47,010 votes

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