The 'Chicago P.D.' cast clues us in on life on the set

The Chicago P.D. squad is used to handling the worst perpetrators in the Windy City, but their talent isn’t limited to fighting crime on the Chicago streets. We handed over our Instagram account to the cast of the hard-hitting NBC police procedural and we have to say, the captions are as great as the pictures. Sure there’s guns and protective masks and really cool (read: dangerous) locations, but we’ll take Patrick John Flueger (Officer Adam Ruzek) dipping Oreos in a tiny cup of milk any day. Ditto for LaRoyce Hawkins (Det. Kevin Atwater) and his rap-worthy badge. Also, it’s Woman Crush Wednesday, and we’re smitten. Click through this slideshow to see all of the photos from the Chicago P.D. set.

Chicago P.D. airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. on NBC.

Squad Goals

#Repost @nbcchicagopd
The #ChicagoPD squad is taking over @yahooentertainment today!
pic: @spiridakos (Photo: Instagram)

Too Cute Twosome

Stay tuned for some fun times with the charming @NBCChicagoPD gang while they takeover the @YahooEntertainment Instagram!
(Photo: Instagram)


When danger’s near, get your long gun and protective mask! Pollen in Chicago can be brutal! #dundun #longguns #allergies #ChicagoPD — @MarinaSqu (Photo: Instagram)

Cookie Break

Behind every grown man, lies a tiny child desperate to dunk Oreos into a little cup of milk. #nevergrowup #foreveryoung #actorstheyrejustlikeus #Oreo #cookielife #fun #dunkin #ChicagoPD — @MarinaSqu (Photo: Instagram)

Photo Finish

I’m clearly more photogenic than @jonseda #ChicagoPD — @Spiridakos (Photo: Instagram)

Woman Crush Wednesday

My #WCW is always @marinasqu #ChicagoPD — @Spiridakos (Photo: Instagram)

Locker Room Walk

@pjflueger keeps us all entertained between shots #ChicagoPD — @Spiridakos (Photo: Instagram)


To the Moment I seriously considered creating a Gold Chain vibe from my Badge…my accountant made a hard pass but she okayed the Mixtape. #ChicagoPD — @Roycedavoyce (Photo: Instagram)

Red Tape

To Red Tape..Life ain’t always a Red Carpet. #RuzWater #ChicagoPD — @Roycedavoyce (Photo: Instagram)

You Snooze You Lose

Have we tired out #Brettonio, or will we see some more action? @karebaearacares #ChicagoPD — @jonseda (Photo: Instagram)

On Location

Some locations are cooler than others. #ChicagoPD — @jonseda (Photo: Instagram)