Celebs Boldly Go Barefoot

Suzy Byrne
Editor, Yahoo Entertainment & Lifestyle

There’s nothing like kicking off your shoes after a long day, but these famous folks couldn’t wait that long. They stepped out sans footwear in public places: at premieres, parks, airports, and — gasp! — even gas station bathrooms. Hope they’re up to date with their tetanus shots!

Ireland Baldwin

The model proved she didn’t need a pair of sky-high stilettos to elongate her legs! Like most women, Alec’s eldest daughter couldn’t wait to kick off her shoes after a long night of partying. (Photo: HEDO/AKM-GSI)

Justin Bieber 

The moody pop star had Beliebers worried when he was snapped in May 2016 walking around Boston Common and Public Garden looking like he didn’t have a luxury suite at the Four Seasons to call his own. (Photo: Twitter)

Justin Bieber, Take 2

However, our favorite photo of the “Purpose” tour headliner’s barefoot escapades was this one because it shows his burly bodyguard on shoe-toting duty. Apparently, if you’re on the Bieber payroll, your job description can include an array of things, including guarding stinky kicks. (Photo: Twitter)

Julia Roberts

Yes, she Cannes go barefoot on the red carpet. While promoting her film Money Monster at the French film festival in 2016, the actress decided that heels were overrated, especially when ascending a famously tricky staircase. (Photo: Getty Images)

Julianne Hough

The Dancing With the Stars judge looked like Cinderella — who had just lost her glass slipper — as she dodged raindrops while running to her car following a party at the Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood. (Photo: SPW/Splash News)

Liam Hemsworth

Miley’s main squeeze grabbed lunch in his hometown in Australia at an establishment that apparently does not believe in the “no shirt, no shoes, no service” rule. (Photo: AKM-GSI)

Britney Spears

Of course, the most famous photo of a celebrity without shoes in the past decade-plus of pop culture history is this one. In 2004, the pop tart — prebabies and prebreakdown — went without even flip-flops when she made a pit stop at a gas station restroom. It must have been a true emergency situation! (Photo: Rex)

Elle Fanning

While it’s quite common to see travelers with their shoes off while going through security at the airport, the Maleficent actress dared to pad all around a terminal at LAX in her bare feet. (Photo: AKM-GSI)

Emma Thompson

File this under rich people problems! The Love Actually star’s Christian Louboutin heels were wreaking havoc on her little piggies at the 2014 Golden Globes, so — prior to taking the stage — she kicked them off and carried them. Taking it to next-level fabulousness, she also carried a cocktail. (Photo: Paul Drinkwater/NBCUniversal via Getty Images)

Shailene Woodley

New York City. Los Angeles. Berlin. The Big Little Lies star has walked a lot of miles without shoes. And the look on her face says that even she doesn’t think it’s the best idea. (Photo: Getty Images)

Ryan Gosling

Hey, girl — sometimes ya just gotta go barefoot when you leave Muay Thai training. (Photo: FameFlynet Pictures)

Lena Dunham

If only we could read designer Carolina Herrera’s mind. (Photo: Splash News)

Gigi Hadid

The model looked a little dazed and confused in this photo, which was taken back when she was dating Joe Jonas, as she was leaving his L.A. home. Since she has been with Zayn Malik, we haven’t caught her having any barefoot faux pas. We knew he was an upgrade! (Photo: Splash News)

Courtney Love

By now you know that anything goes with the Hole singer. In this case, what was going were her shoes. (Photo: Splash News)

Louis Tomlinson

Forget flip-flops! The former One Direction singer made a coffee run in L.A. sans shoes. (Photo: AKM-GSI)

Camila Alves

Hey, Matthew McConaughey — maybe you need to increase your wife’s footwear budget. Fact: You never want to see someone walking around NYC barefoot, like she is doing here. (Photo: Splash News)

Britney Spears, Take 2

The year 2004 was an especially footloose one for Brit-Brit. She also hit a farmers’ market in Santa Monica, Calif., without any footwear. Nothing was coming between her and that bouquet. (Photo: Rex)

Taylor Swift

One year after Kanye West tried to humiliate her at the MTV VMAs, the singer returned to the show and debuted her song “Innocent.” It was a raw performance, her dress was simple, and we’re sure she instructed her roadies to give the stage a good cleaning before she stepped onto it. (Photo: Getty Images)


Queen Bey was feeling footloose and fancy free when she went barefoot while performing “Freedom” at the 2016 BET Awards. (Photo: AKM-GSI)

Joaquin Phoenix

Of course the Gladiator star left his shoes at home since he was headed to a karate class! (Photo: BACKGRID)

Julia Roberts, Take 2

Julia’s also a repeat offender! The actress stood on the stage at the BAFTA Los Angeles Britannia Awards in 2013 without her heels. But she tried to distract the crowd by flashing that megawatt grin a few extra times. (Photo: Joe Scarnici/WireImage)

Thomas Jane

The Expanse actor has made it clear he doesn’t like shoes. As a child, his baby shoes “were tied together with a metal rod to try to correct my orthotic issues,” so shoes to him “feel a little bit like being in prison,” he has said. But there’s really no excuse for walking around clipping his fingernails in public. That’s just gross x 2. (Photo: Splash News)

Millie Bobby Brown

The Stranger Things star’s dogs must have been barking as she had her shoes in hand while exiting a Golden Globes after-party this year. (Photo: BKNY/AKM-GSI)

Prince William and Kate Middleton

Sometimes going without shoes is about more than just cooling off your barking dogs. On the royal couple’s tour of India in April 2016, they visited Mahatma Gandhi’s final home, which is also where he was assassinated, and they followed protocol by removing their shoes before entering. Poor Kate generated headlines over her “un-pedicured feet.” (Photo: Samir Hussein/Pool/WireImage)

Lena Dunham, Take 2

The Girls creator was spotted barefootin’ with her dogs, Susan and Karen, in L.A. (Photo: PacificCoastNews)

Kaley Cuoco

The Big Bang Theory star toted her sandals while leaving a Memorial Day bash in 2014. It’s good to let your feet breathe! (Photo: AKM-GSI)