Celebrities Love Their Pool Floats: 2017 Edition

Suzy Byrne
Editor, Yahoo Entertainment & Lifestyle

Celebrities certainly know how to kick back! Before summer even started, stars like Sofia Vergara, Demi Lovato, Kendall Jenner, and Katy Perry were showing off their cool new beach floats. It seems they’ve graduated from swans (like last year) to cherries, hot lips, and — the best yet — a bucking bull.

Sofia Vergara

If we were giving awards, Sofia Vergara would win for best pool float. She and hubby Joe Manganiello have a bouncing bull, which she shared a photo of from her backyard on April 23. The only thing is, it’s not exactly a relaxing ride: She just gets bucked off. (Photo: Sofia Vergara via Instagram)

Sofia Vergara

The Modern Family star’s flamingo, on which she was seen a few days earlier, provided a little more serenity. If only she would have stopped waving her arm and relaxed. (Image: Sofia Vergara via Instagram)

Demi Lovato

Multiple pieces of sexy swimwear were in order for Demi Lovato‘s April vacation. This pool float was the cherry on top of a great trip. (Photo: Demi Lovato via Instagram)

Kendall Jenner

Only Kendall Jenner, pictured here on a yacht in Cannes on May 24, would match her swimsuit with her pool float! The model looked like she was posing for a photo shoot while perched on a pink flamingo in a retro bikini. Just a day in the life! (Photo: Kendall Jenner via Instagram)

Irina Shayk

Whoa mama! Irina Shayk used this photo to make her return to social media after having a baby with Bradley Cooper. Reclining on a floatie in the shape of lips, the model, who had given birth less than a month earlier, wrote, “Pre-sunset. #currentsituation” on April 18. (Photo: Irina Shayk via Instagram)

Katy Perry

Katy Perry went VIP for her 2017 Coachella trip in April! She stayed in a posh pad with a pool and an array of floats to choose from, including a seahorse. But do goddesses ride seahorses? Well, this one does whatever she wants. (Photo: Katy Perry via Instagram)

January Jones

There’s nothing wrong with a classic. January Jones is all like: You can keep your bull floats, hot lips, and cherries. She went old-school on a basic white raft on May 21, though her bikini is anything but. Roar! (Image: January Jones via Instagram)

Avril Lavigne

Similarly, Avril Lavigne is surrounded by all kinds of flashy, fun floats yet she opted for a simple recliner during her “day off from studio sessions” on April 22. Sometimes ya gotta go for comfort over coolness. (Photo: Avril Lavigne via Instagram)

Denise Richards

Denise Richards is such a big-hearted animal lover that she even gives up her floats to her pups — in this case Luke the dog. As for what he was riding on in Denise’s pool on April 23, it looks like one of those cute red, white, and blue popsicle floats. (Photo: Denise Richards via Instagram)

Julie Bowen

Modern Family‘s Julie Bowen tells so many stories about her three sons that this scene doesn’t surprise us in the least. “Unicorn vs Narwhal,” she captioned this close call snapped on May 11. (Photo: Julie Bowen via Instagram)