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The 17 Best Super Bowl Commercials That You Probably Missed

1) Avocados From Mexico

It's true—avocados do make everything better. And, that's the key message in the Avocados From Mexico commercial. After a naked Anna Faris depicted as Eve in the Garden of Eden takes a bite of fruit, she's advised to eat an avocado to make everything better. Viewers then get a glimpse of present-day New York City, an avocado-centric version where everyone is naked.

You can also check out the shorter 30-second commercial here.

2) PopCorners

The PopCorners ad features Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul. In it, Cranston has whipped up a new addictive concoction—PopCorners.

Check out the 30-second commercial here.

3) Pringles

For the second year, Pringles has played on the all-too-real problem of getting one's hand stuck in the can. Meghan Trainor even makes an appearance.

4) M&M's (Or Should We Say Ma&Ya's)

After the M&M's spokescandies controversy, Maya Rudolph took their place. The new face of M&M's introduced the candy as Ma&Ya's—candy coated clam bites.

5) Budweiser

In "Six Degrees of Budweiser" a six-pack is passed around from one person to the next, from a food truck worker to a music producer, and another playing basketball, until the last one is handed to the viewer, which is when the narrator, Kevin Bacon, reintroduces the brands iconic tagline, "This Bud's For You."

The commercial introduces Budweiser's focus on reaching a younger audience, according to a press release, in addition to highlighting the six degrees of connection between those with the same spirit, determination, and beer. It's also a bit of a play on the game Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon.

6) Hellmann's

In this star-studded commercial, John Hamm and Brie Larson are stuck in Pete Davidson's fridge with a jar of Hellmann's. Eventually, they realize why they're in a fridge—I mean, they're "Hamm" and "Brie—and Davidson opens the door to make a snack. "I'm gonna eat you guys," he says.

7) Dunkin'

It's no secret Ben Affleck loves his Dunkin'. In Dunkin's first-ever Super Bowl commercial, Affleck works the drive-thru—taking orders, introducing the Dunkin' Run, and getting caught by his wife, Jennifer Lopez. Find out more about Affleck's Dunkin' commercial and partnership.

8) Doritos

Inspired by Doritos and wanting to try somethign new, Jack Harlow takes up the triangle. The commercial also features Missy Elliott and Elton John.

9) Crown Royal

The teasers released by Crown Royal were a tad cryptic, but the full commercial makes sense. Dave Grohl of Food Fighters reading a list of words such as peanut butter, paint roller, Hawaiian pizza, and football—all of which got their start in Canada.

"Thank you, Canada," says Grohl. "Thank you."

10) Michelob Ultra

If Michelob Ultra's Super Bowl commercial seems a little familiar, it's probably because it gives a few nods to the movie Caddyshack.

In the ad, titled "New Members Day," Serena Williams battles it out on the golf course with Brian Cox, who plays Logan Roy in Succession while "I'm Alright" (from Caddyshack) plays in the background. The commercial also celebrates the Michelob Ultra's commitment to gender equality in sports—it's the brands second spot to feature an equal number of female and male athletes, according to a press release.

11) Busch Light

When you think of Sarah McLachlan, beer probably doesn't come to mind—although those ASPCA commercials might. In this commercial, Busch Light's mascot, "Busch Guy," starts listing outdoor survival requirements, including shelter, when McLachlan appears in a tent next to a wolf. As "Angel" plays in the background, a song now synonymous with those sad ASPCA commercials starring the singer, the video pans to animals in the wilderness as Busch Guy interrupts to clarify what type of shelter he's talking about.

12) Bud Light

We've all endured waiting on hold, and Bud Light's Super Bowl commercial taps into this universal pain. In the ad, Miles Teller from Top Gun Maverick, his wife Keleigh Sperry, and their French bulldog start dancing to hold music, all while enjoying Bud Light—making the experience more enjoyable.

13) Miller Lite and Coors Lite

Miller Lite and Coors Lite face off in The High Stakes Beer Ad. Prior to game day, viewers were asked to predict what would happen in the Super Bowl ad for a chance to win a share of $500,000. The shorter 30-second commercial can be viewed here.

14) Pepsi

"My job as an actor is making you believe what you're seeing is real," says Ben Stiller at the beginning of the Pepsi Zero Sugar ad. The actor then rotates through movie scenes (even reviving his character Derek Zoolander) before taking a sip at the end. "Wow, it's like really good," he says. "Or was I just acting?"

15) Popeyes

The Popeye's commercial "From Memes To Dreams" stars Dieunerst Collin, who went viral about 10 years ago at a Popeyes location. The 18-year-old football player opens the ad by saying "you might know me, I used to be that meme kid." He lists all the things ads usually have like a "nice ride" and "puppies," before introducing Popeyes' "Eyes on the Fries (or Pies)" offer.

16) Planters

In the "Made to be Roasted" Super Bowl commercial, several comedians roast Mr. Peanut. A full-length comedy special, "The Roast of Mr. Peanut," was released online on game day.

17) Rémy Martin

Rémy Martin's "Inch By Inch" ad features Serena Williams giving a pep talk to a football team.

These are the best Super Bowl commercials from brands like Pringles, PopCorners, and Budweiser.