2012 Year in Review: Most viral photos

From the Harper wedding photobomb to the most retweeted photo ever, this slideshow takes a look at the most viral photos from 2012.

McKayla Maroney

After settling for silver in the Olympics vault competition, McKayla Maroney's disappointed stance quickly became a Web meme: McKayla Maroney is not impressed. (Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

Harper photobombs wedding

Prime Minister Stephen Harper took a queue from President Obama's playbook and crashed an Ottawa wedding party's photo session. Photographer Laura Kelly quickly explains what was so funny in our favourite of the viral photos.

"Best part of the this whole interaction:
Harper: 'So, have you already done it?'
Pat (the groom): 'Nope, first time!'"

"Lol, Pat thought he was asking whether either of them had ever been married before, when really he was just asking if they had already had their wedding ceremony! Maybe you had to be there, it was hilarious." (Photo courtesy of Laura Kelly)

Sedated bear falling out of tree

After wandering onto the University of Colorado campus in Boulder and being tranquilized, this black bear fell out of a tree to a soft landing on safety mat below. While the image will live on, unfortunately the bear wasn't so lucky: It was hit by a car after being released back into the wild. (@cuindependent/Twitter)

Teen suicide investigation

15-year-old Amanda Todd killed herself on Wednesday after years of bullying. Now her stories and others like it are forcing people to talk about a topic that is still largely taboo

Kissing kids photobomb Obama

During his 2012 campaign, President Obama surprised students in Delray Beach, Fla., with an unscheduled stop to take a photo with the kids. But perhaps the biggest surprise of this photo op was the kissing pair in the back row photobombing the president. (@BarackObama/Twitter)

Real-life Barbie

Russian model Valeria Lukyanova grabbed Internet fame for looking like a Barbie doll. Her photos look plastic, and there have been accusations that she doctors them. (Valeria Lukyanova/Facebook)

Most retweeted Obama photo

As networks began calling the race for President Obama on election night, his campaign tweeted this photo with the caption “four more years.” The image became the most retweeted ever and “most liked” on Facebook. (@BarackObama/Twitter)

Rob Ford in butter

Using nearly 230-kilograms of butter, Olenka Kleban built her sculpture of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford as part of a "CNE tradition that involves a group of artists spending several days inside a box chilled to about 8 degrees Celsius, sculpting creations according to an agreed-upon theme," reports the Toronto Star. The butter sculpture became an instant hit as it features Toronto's controversial mayor reading a Margaret Atwood book while leaning against a steering wheel.

Ridiculously photogenic guy

This snap of 25-year-old Zeddie Little running a 10K race in Charleston, S.C., shows a smiling competitor looking so coiffed he stands out from the rest of the struggling runners. Photographer Will King posted the pic on his Flickr account and then on the website Reddit — and "ridiculously photogenic guy" quickly became a meme. (Will King/Flickr)