Best online shopping sites for ice hockey equipment

When a local sporting goods store doesn't cut it in terms of hockey equipment, here are some websites to check for a great selection. Pads, helmets, skates and sticks all need to fit properly so you can have a good time on the ice.

While you are at your local sporting goods store you should get fitted for some equipment to at least find out what sizes you need. Then if the retailer is still unable to get the equipment you want then you can proceed to the Internet so you have some idea for what you are looking.

Hockey Monkey

Hockey Monkey is a website that carries all of the top brands of equipment such as CCM, Bauer, Mission, Easton, and more. They sell composite hockey sticks and traditional wooden ones, ice skates, inline skates, and all of the stuff you need to maintain your equipment.

There are two things that stick out about Hockey Monkey's business. First is that they have discounts for team sales on equipment. That just makes good business sense. Second is that they accept PayPal as a method of payment which adds a level of convenience to Hockey Monkey's website. This company has some customer service hours on Saturday morning and afternoon.

Perani's Hockey World

Perani's Hockey World is a huge online store that carries all kinds of hockey and lacrosse equipment. If you need a stick to play a particular sport then you can find it at Perani's. You can find a comprehensive selection of basic equipment and accessories that will keep your gear in good shape.

PayPal is accepted as well as major credit cards and debit cards. Perani's also offers free shipping on orders of over $150 with the exception of oversized items. Returns can be made within 30 days without a hassle as long as the customer pays for shipping. Perani's offers a team discount for bulk purchases. Perani's has more customer service hours.

Hockey Giant

Hockey Giant offers sales and coupons as well as a handy sizing guide for all equipment that it sells. Hockey Giant also has a money back guarantee within 30 days of your purchase. Shipping for the return is non-refundable.

Hockey Giant carries referee gear, women's hockey gear, and inline gear as well. They also accept PayPal which is handy. Hockey Giant has fewer customer service hours than the other two websites as they are only open for inquiries on weekdays.

All three of these reputable websites have retail stores. Perani's has the most locations, all but one is the northern United States or in Canada. Each of these websites have Twitter and Facebook pages that you can subscribe to for other offers.

The best way to find the equipment you need is to peruse the website and read forums and reviews of each product in which you are interested. The customer service staff at each retailer would be happy to answer any questions you have.

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Updated Friday, Oct 22, 2010