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We'll say this for Zdeno Brodeur, the "if they mated" mash-up of Martin Brodeur and Zdeno Chara cooked up on a warped Flickr page called NHL Mutants: He's pretty much never giving a goal, or putting up with Avery's antics, ever again.

Over on From the Rink, Mirtle discovered this photostream of 27 player morphs, and some of them are downright hilarious:

Raffi Roenick (Torres and Jeremy, and really a must-see)
Pierre-Marc Boogaard (self-explanatory)
George Gaborik (Marian with Parros's face)
Mike Malkin (Commodore and Malkin ... hilarious and looking somewhat like Puck Daddy approved entertainment journalist Jeffrey Wells)

But really, the best comedy is dangerous comedy. Which is why some of NHL Mutants' most interesting creations are mixed-race player morphs:

Antoine Emery (Vermette and Ray)
Donald Jagr (Brashear and Jaromir)
Jarome Chelios (Iginla and Chris)
Martin Laraque (Brodeur and Laraque ... wow)

NHL Mutants doesn't seem to have been updated since April; hopefully, the attention this bizarre Flickr page gets from the hockey blogosphere will inspire whoever created this hybrids to get cracking again. There are hundreds of thousands of possibilities still left to be explored. Even if they aren't all as handsome as Evgeni Ricci.

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