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On the day of her wedding to Drew Burant, Brit Wong faced the traditional stresses and strains for a bride: Nerves about the ceremony, concern for the comfort of their guests and whether her dress was cut high enough so as not to get sliced up by her ice skates.

OK, maybe they weren't completely traditional. Neither was their Sept. 3 wedding at Killarney Ice Rink in Vancouver: a hockey-themed affair vividly captured in the video shown here.

Brit + Drew || Sept 3. 2011 || from Clear Horizon Productions on Vimeo.

"You walk into a church, and everything's there for you. So there's a lot of work that went into this," said Brit, "and on top of that, the fear of people falling; or of me, falling in my dress."

So how does one pull off a hockey wedding?

Brit and Drew, both 29, are hockey fanatics. He's an Edmonton Oilers fan who grew up with the game in Regina, and she's a figure-skater-turned-hockey-player who's a Vancouver Canucks fan.

She figures the dawn of this idea came during a typical night watching "Hockey Night" in Canada on a Saturday, wondering aloud if "it would be cool to get married on a rink."

"Brittany plans special events for a living. She kicked me to the curb for a lot of events wedding-wise. It probably helped the process," said Drew.

So the plan was put in motion, despite some "are you serious?" reactions and questions about how, exactly, the bride is supposed to skate down the aisle in a wedding dress.

"We had to alter the dress quite a bit. It was just high enough where you could see the tips of my skates," she said.

As for the ceremony itself: The seven-person wedding party were all on skates, while the guests were seated in chairs adorned with rally towels and some blankets in case the guests got the chills. "We did write on our invitations, 'Dress warm,'" said the bride. "We were prepared."

The wedding took place at center ice, featuring some usual and unusual aspects to the vows. "After we did our rings, we did the ceremonial puck drop, we did our first kiss and then skated out to the Oilers goal horn and goal song," said Brit.

Ceremonial puck drop? Yep. Since they skated away to the Oilers' goal song, the puck used during the ceremony had a Canucks logo.

"The puck drop was … awkward. I don't think our [Justice of the Peace] understood how to [do a faceoff]," she said, "and Andrew was more concerned about winning the faceoff than smiling for the cameras. He's like, 'I can't let my boys down and lose the faceoff.'"

The wedding photos took place around the rink, including some with the groom in the penalty box.

Brit & Drew Wedding Teaser from Clear Horizon Productions on Vimeo.

He also was able to live a "childhood dream" with a professional photographer: Teaming up with his buddies for the "snow shower on the camera" shot on the ice.

After photos, it was off to a local country club for the reception, where the hockey theme continued. Each member of the wedding party had a jersey with a number, and was introduced as being "from your Edmonton Oilers" or "from your Vancouver Canucks." Brit and Drew were the captains.

Then there was the cupcake stand:

Watch an incredible hockey wedding, including matrimonial faceoff

And those would be hockey sticks, in a display created by a few friends.

In the end, nobody fell on the ice, hockey was well-represented, and the bride and groom can cherish a memorable day at the rink.

"A lot of people say their wedding day was the best day of their lives. And this exactly was," said Drew.

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