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Two weeks into the 2010-11 season and fantasy hockey is in full swing. If you're unaware, Yahoo! Sports and the NHLPA partnered up this season to give six readers the opportunity to play in a league with a couple of writers as well as Carolina Hurricanes captain Eric Staal(notes) and Zach Parise(notes) of the New Jersey Devils.

We examined both teams after the draft was held earlier this month and here's Parise during the proceedings talking about his picks, his Jersey teammates and deciding between Chris Pronger(notes) and Dion Phaneuf(notes):

Both NHLer's had a rough first week in the fantasy league (not Team Leahy!) and you can follow along all season by checking out Parise's team here, Staal's team here and the league's standings and scores here.

There were some technical difficulties with Staal's recap video, but courtesy of the PA, we'll have future videos of the two discussing the progress of their teams as the season goes on.

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