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It's tough being a preadolescent sports fan. You can find a team and you can love it, but it's hard to understand that others are allowed to like different teams, and you often find yourself at odds with those that you love.

Case in point: This little Pittsburgh Penguins fan, who wants nothing more than for his parents to join him in cheering on Crosby and company.

They, however, are relishing the way he reacts to their support for the Detroit Red Wings. Like, relishing to a hilariously cruel degree, especially his Dad.

Two thoughts: First, Leahy's a Penguins fan and Lambert's the exact opposite of a Red Wings fan, so I imagine if they had a kid, this is exactly what he would be like.

Second, this video features a petulant child wearing a Sidney Crosby jersey and throwing an infantile tantrum. I'm sure you all have some opinions on that.

s/t to David, via 96.1 Kiss FM.

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