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If you think your local hockey fan club is a passionate group, then you really must see what the two fan clubs for Djurgården (Swedish Elite Series) did last week to celebrate their 30th anniversary. Tifo-mania!

Puck Buddy Ronnie Johansson sent over the clip and some explanation:

Djurgården (Swedish Elite Series) celebrating their fanclubs (Järnkaminerna & Blue Saints) 30th anniversary with a great tifo at game aganinst Timrå Jan. 6.

The tifo texts are first Blue Saints and second Järnkaminerna, ie the names of the two fanclubs. The text around the rink says:

"For 30 years we have been at Djurgårdens service. In another 30 years we will still be here. Our passion never dies."

The transparent banner shows the fan clubs' symbols and club symbol in the middle.

The chanting is first some humming an old song I cannot remember the name of.

Second chant ends with something like "go go Djurgården" and finally they are chanting Djurgården, Djurgården.

Quite a sight. Check out additional video of the fans here and here. We can't even get an arena to do the wave successfully during most games, and these fans are doing this ...

By the way: How's the fan club for your team? Active? Invisible? Are you a card-carrying member? Are there more than one fan support group? And do they get along?

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