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Andrei Nazarov played 571 games in the NHL with seven teams, with his longest tenure coming at the beginning of his career with the San Jose Sharks. In those 571 games, Nazarov dropped the gloves 133 times, according to HockeyFights.com, and compiled 1,409 penalty minutes.

So basically, Nazarov is no stranger to the rougher side of hockey.

These days, Nazarov is the Head Coach of Vityaz of the KHL. You might know them as the team that's only featured on Puck Daddy when they're involved in some sort of massive brawl.

In keeping with that theme, Nazarov was the one getting himself involved in a tussle today during a 3-2 loss to Dinamo Minsk. In the game's final 15 seconds, 156 PIMs were handed out and someone from the crowd threw an object at Nazarov that caused this reaction from the former NHLer:

Your move, Torts.

After the game, Nazarov told Igor Larin of Sport-Express (via Google translate), "Fans need to understand that what happens on the ice, the ice must be and remain. This is the hockey culture, which, unfortunately, not all possess."

We imagine a hefty fine is coming down the pike, but for Vityaz, they're already used to digging into that team fund on a regular basis.

Stick-tap Slava Malamud for the video

UPDATE: Via Dmitry, Nazarov has been suspended two games and Minsk has been fined 500,000 rubles.

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