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One night, after finishing off a 12-pack, I wondered: What if the comedy classic "Slap Shot" was actually a dream playing out in Ned Braden's head, with Reggie Dunlop as a manifestation of his father and the Hanson Brothers as his uncontrollable id? Then, if I recall it correctly, I passed out playing Blades of Steel.

This "Slap Shot" trailer inspired by the one for director Christopher Nolan's "Inception" doesn't answer that question ... or does it? (OK, it doesn't, but it's probably the coolest thing you'll see today.)

You know, I never noticed how many shots of a van there were in "Slap Shot" until now ...

We eagerly await for this mash-up to actually be made by some enterprising screenwriter as an action-adventure, with the Charlestown Chiefs entering the mind of their secretive owner to implant the idea of moving the team to Florida. The dream is real!

Stick-tap to Gary from On Frozen Blog, via Twitter.

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