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The best way to describe walking the streets of Vancouver as an American hockey fan after Canada won gold in overtime:

I felt like an atheist in the Vatican on Christmas.

High fives, hugs, flags on hockey sticks, singing, chanting, mocking the silver medalists, dancing, drinking, drinking and more drinking ... eventually, even as a bitter jingoist when it comes to international hockey, I had to let it go and acknowledge the fact that Canada's victory over the U.S. was the only way the Olympics should have ended. Well, until I saw the giant inflatable beavers.

So having wiped away the tears of defeat with my Inglorious Backes T-shirt and having removed the "Do You Believe in Millercles?" banners from D.C. overpasses, I can fully appreciate this clever, patriotic remix of Stompin' Tom Connors' "The Hockey Song" by musician Ray Blackmore. It's about 4 minutes long, it's more "grin" than "guffaw," but it's really well-done as these things go. (Beware some PG-13 content.)

Loved the way it took the team through its Olympic tournament, and the kraut joke nearly made the song. Enjoy it until the Connors Estate, the television rights holders or the IOC demand it be taken down. And not just because he rhymed "Parise."

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