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Usually when you hear that there's been a brawl in the stands during a sporting event, you immediately think it's from a soccer match in Europe or South America.

But hockey fans around the world have been trying to creep into soccer's long-held domain with skirmishes of their own before and during games. Last March, an AIK fan made his way towards the opponent's bench to attack a player. That incident came two weeks after a KHL fan attacked an opposing goalie who was sitting on the bench.

Wednesday's Elitserien derby between AIK and Djurgarden was delayed for over 20 minutes as fans of the Stockholm-based teams fought security officials, police and each other, and threw smoke bombs inside Globe Arena. Fights also broke out before the game that Djurgarden ended up winning 3-1.

Flying flags! Angry bald men! Smoke bombs! It's the Stockholm derby!

By the end of the game, the stands in Globe Arena were close to empty after fans were ejected in yet another example of fan violence between the clubs this season as we saw in September

After the game, both teams condemned the actions of the fans, and the Swedish Ice Hockey Association is discussing actions that could lead to only home-team fans being allowed at future meetings of the two teams. They play again on Jan. 11.

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