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The octopus-to-snake-on-the-ice ratio during Phoenix Coyotes home games has favored invading Detroit Red Wings fans over the Glendale loyalists, thanks in part to the efforts of the knuckleheads in the video below.

They drove from Los Angeles to Phoenix to "throw 9 octopi on the ice in honor of the Red Wings and Gordie Howe" during Game 2 of the Western Conference series; and, of course, document it for YouTube -- including the smuggling of mollusks into the game by storing them in the crotchal area.

For the impatient, the octo-tossing occurs at 1:55, and the music choice is pretty wonderful when you see the aftermath of their actions: Escorted out by police, and then a "jail house" visit to a detained compatriot.

(Slight PG-13 content warning due to a bird flipping.)

In closing we'd like to congratulate these Wings fans on a great mini-doc, sympathize with the Jobing.com Arena ice crew for having to deal with the scourge of injury-causing octopus goo and acknowledge that the octo-tossing made some Coyotes fans break out their best Donald Sutherland in the 1978 remake of "Invasion of the Body Snatchers":

Stick-tap to the immortal J.E. Skeets, former grand master of Ball Don't Lie.

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