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Dion Phaneuf(notes) of the Calgary Flames as the well-earned reputation as one of the NHL's most fearsome hitters. Whether you believe some of those hits are of the cheaper variety probably depends on your feelings about the player himself or borderline hits in general. Or if you're Kyle Okposo.

We can add another name to the list of people who think players named Phaneuf cross the line with their hitting: Canadian women's hockey legend Hayley Wickenheiser. Only her gripe is with Dion's younger brother.

What the heck? Was Hayley trying to apply the Million Dollar Dream on Phaneuf? Was Virgil standing by with a dollar bill to shove in his mouth after she choked him out?

From the Calgary Sun's Eric Francis:

Dion Phaneuf's 15-year-old brother Dane caused a bit of a stir in Edmonton last week when he rubbed out Hayley Wickenheiser in a non-contact exhibition game against the women's national team. Wickenheiser, 31, took exception to the jarring and let him know by applying a rather violent choke-hold from behind in an effort to try wrestling him to the ice. Dion thought it was funny, and so do I.

Yeah, and so do we. If only because we fully endorse more brutality in women's hockey ... even if it's instigated by a teenage boy.

Stick tap to 25Stanley.com for the story.

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