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It may not be Miikka Kiprusoff's(notes) incredible back-leg kick save for the Calgary Flames against the San Jose Sharks last week, but Norwegian goalie Lars Volden pulled off another goal-line miracle in a GET-Ligaen match between his Stavanger Oilers and Valerenga on Tuesday.

Check out a stunning save that's probably a little more lucky than good:

No idea what the announcers were saying, but incredulous laughter is a universal language, isn't it?

In fairness, the puck did look like it had its momentum stopped around the goal line, but Volden could have easily kicked it in instead of out. Pretty darn good save right there.

Volden's team lost the game, 5-1; let's just say the rest of his night didn't exactly fulfill the promise of that goal-line save when it was scoreless. Incidentally, the Stavanger Oilers are coached by former Columbus Blue Jackets center (and NHL tragedy footnote) Espen Knutsen, and the media refers to him by his nickname in game stories: "Shampoo," because his father worked in a barbershop.

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