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Video: New Jonathan Cheechoo Song redefines awesome

It's been six years since Jonathan Cheechoo(notes) shocked the hockey world with a 56-goal season for the San Jose Sharks.

During that time, he's become an enigmatic journeyman. He was shipped to the Ottawa Senators in 2009 in the Dany Heatley(notes) trade; was bought out in 2010; attended Dallas Stars training camp; returned to the Sharks organization; signed a two-way deal with the St. Louis Blues this summer; and is currently playing for the AHL Peoria Rivermen.

But wherever Jonathan Cheechoo goes, his soundtrack follows him.

"The Cheechoo Song" remains one of hockey's oddest memes, as a portly gentleman in a beard chants and dances to a tune that goes a little something like this:

"Train, train, Cheechoo train/
The [Insert Current Team Here] are gonna win this game/

And so on.

It's pretty much one of our favorite things in the history of ever, so we were thrilled to see another edition has been produced in honor of Cheechoo's joining the Rivermen — the appropriately titled, "The Greatest Jonathan Cheechoo Song in the History of Ever."

Here's something you'll be humming during rush hour later:

Anyone spit coffee when the mayor showed up? (raises hand)

Coming up, a look back at previous versions of "The Jonathan Cheechoo Song" … including (gulp) covers of it.

Here is Version 1.0 of the Cheechoo song:

Here is, ahem, the rebuttal to that song:

And a cartoon cat singing it:

Which brings us to the Even More Better Cheechoo Song (NSFW for three cuss words):

We can only theorize that the reason "The Jonathan Cheechoo" song hasn't become his official goal song is because no one's made an arena rock version of it.

Get on the j-o-b, Nickelback.

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