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Remember last year when Sidney Crosby(notes) was starring in "amateur" shot viral clips for Reebok, using his 11K SicKick stick to straighten the net onto its moorings and pick off pucks in a pyramid with precision?

Say hello to Jonathan Toews(notes) of the Chicago Blackhawks and his new JT19 Bauer composite stick. Say goodbye to the shot accuracy targets on the other side of the ice.

That. Was. Sewious.

Give Bauer credit: By putting this clip on the Canadian Tire Hockey School YouTube feed, it helps throw off the scent of viral advertising.

Oh, what are we thinking: Of course it's real! It's Jonathan Toews, master of shot accuracy at the NHL All-Star Game. The man needs no CGI. Although, on occasion, he does need a do-over.

s/t reader MechaStewart for the clip.

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