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Less than a day after Sweden's Joakim Andersson was accused of biting a Canadian player, Ottawa Senators pest Jarkko Ruutu appears to have acquired a taste for Andrew Peters of the Buffalo Sabres in their game this evening:

You can see Peters rip his glove out of Ruutu's mouth, before either violently shaking his right hand because of the intense pain or overselling the thing like Ric Flair going into the turnbuckles. The glorious part of this incident is that Peters ended up with the only penalty: two minutes for unsportsmanlike conduct at 13:13 of the first.

Buffalo Sports Report is already making with the funny.

There will no doubt be much more said about this after the game and, one assumes, in the halls of NHL HQ in the morning. Wonder if fellow Sabre Adam Mair will have anything to say to the Senators locker room?

Thanks to Puck Daddy readers Chris and The Tick for sinking their teeth into this one.

UPDATE 11:54 p.m. EST: Via the National Post, here's Peters on the alleged bite:

"It's a pretty stupid thing to do, regardless of who you are, it's just not part of the game of hockey," said Peters, whose thumb was cut. "I've never had anyone bite me before, I didn't know that happened. The refs didn't see it. That's unfortunate. I saw a replay of it and it's pretty evident that he did bite me and I have a lot of confidence that the league will take the proper procedures and go about it the right way. I'm not going to say anything that's going to get me in any trouble. Like I said, I'm going to let the league deal with it."

And Jarkko's take on the incident? Glad you asked:

"He had his finger in my mouth, but I didn't bite him."

What's that, the hockey goon version of "I didn't inhale?"

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