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The initial report on Vancouver Canucks defenseman Sami Salo's(notes) (latest) injury originated in the Finnish media, which meant North American fans and media went scurrying to their web-based translators (as we did) to figure out what had happened.

The Google Translate version of the report revealed that he tore his "Achilles tendon cross-section on Thursday, when he was playing floor hockey with colleagues"; quickly, "floor hockey" became an assumed part of this breaking news.

Seems we've been lost in translation. Reader Juha Mikkola informs us that Salo wasn't playing hockey at all, but rather Floorball, which is an International Olympic Committee-recognized sport and "absolutely huge in Europe." At this point, you may be saying to yourself, "what the hell is Floorball?" And we're answering, it's the hell this:

Floorball for Hockey Players #1 from FloorballPro Inc. on Vimeo.

So it looks like floor hockey with a little lacrosse and an occasional torn Achilles'. An explanation of the sport is in this video, and Floorball highlights are here.

From Juha Mikkola:

A lot of the NHL stars - including Salo, the Sedins, Gaborik and Hossa - play it in the off-season as it is a great way to develop your stick handling skills.

As well as John Tavares(notes) and Victor Hedman(notes), and back in the day Mats Sundin.

So there you go: Floorball, which might be a Summer Olympic sport at some point. Hey, if the NHL no longer chooses to participate in the Winter Games, there's always Floorball. Although in light of Salo, the insurance premiums ...

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