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Some Vancouver Canucks fan communities are calling this a "leg stomp" by Ottawa Senators forward Nick Foligno on Alex Burrows during Saturday night's 4-1 Canucks win. That's a bit much:

Burrows gets tangled with Peter Regin and falls to the ice. Foligno glances down, ponders how to take advantage of a helpless pest, nearly opts for some kind of Captain Morgan pose, and then settles on nearly two seconds of skate pressure on the back of Burrows' shin.

For argument's sake, this earned Bobby Ryan a two-playoff game suspension against the Nashville Predators last postseason:

Now that's a little more on the emphatic side.

Foligno was running Canucks in that game like he was Chris Neil on a Red Bull binge. Is this a penalty? Well, we wouldn't call it "sportsmanlike" conduct. Anything more than a penalty? It's a dangerous play; but a skate "stomp," it's not.

So what's your reaction if the roles had been reversed here, and Burrows was getting a leg up?

s/t reader Mack McCorkindale.

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