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The Belfast Giants of Northern Ireland are a hockey team in the Elite Ice Hockey League in the U.K. Maybe you may remember them as the franchise that faced off against the Boston Bruins in the preseason during the NHL Premiere series. After witnessing the following music video, we promise you'll never forget them.

Here are the Belfast Giants lip-syncing to Mariah Carey's "All I Want For Christmas Is You" in a dance-filled video. It's like "Glee" meets "White Christmas" meets "Score: The Hockey Musical." Due to music rights issues, it won't allow an embed; click here or below to watch on YouTube.

God bless the shameless. You win the Internet for this one, lads:

The fact that this clip pimps upcoming games may, in fact, make it not only the greatest hockey music video of all-time but one of its greatest commercials as well. (Even if the ad at the end lists two Sunday games two days apart. D'oh!)

Our Three Stars for the Belfast Giants:

Third Star: Whoever did that trick at the 3:05 mark where you put one hand under your shirt and thrust it through your sleeves like an alien popping out of your stomach. Hadn't seen that trick since elementary school.

Second Star: Craig Peacock, No. 71, who camps it up something wicked at around the 1:45 mark by leading his teammates dancing down the hallway.

First Star: Alternate captain and New Jersey native (naturally) Tim Cook, who at 6-foot-4 is probably the world's tallest dancing elf.

Thank you, Belfast Giants, for infecting puckheads around the world with the Christmas spirit through your mincing. Is there an NHL team you'd like to see stage a similar holiday musical number? Because we bet the Flyers could do "All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth" justice.

Stick-tap to Scotty Wazz and crew for the tip.

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