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(To the tune of "Music of the Night" from "Phantom of the Opera".)

"Slowly, gently, talking playoff hoc-key/
Grasp it, sense it, CBC is schlock-ky/
Grapes under the bleach-ers/
For a Game 2 intro feat-ure/
It's better than Rock ‘em
Sock'em fight high-lights/
Can you believe what Cherry did last night?"

Uh, wow. As the wonderfully named blog Now We Don Our Gay Apparel wrote: "Seriously, this guy’s WTF level just keeps going up and up and up."

Don Cherry and Ron MacLean opened CBC Sports' coverage of Game 2 by perfectly capturing the essence of the Stanley Cup Finals through the dulcet melodies of Andrew Lloyd Webber. In the sense that the Chicago Blackhawks are the lovely ingénues while the Philadelphia Flyers are the disfigured ghouls lusting after the them. We think.

In any case, we eagerly anticipate their Game 3 coverage, in which Don Cherry will dress like Eva Perón and warble "Don't Cry for Me Kimmo Timonen(notes)" ...

Coming up, a look back at some of Grapes' finest (and strangest) intros for Hockey Night in Canada. Because he is, after all, the most interesting man in the world.

First up

Here's Cherry briefly appearing in 1996, officially ending the Macarena craze.

Here's Cherry from the 2009 Stanley Cup Finals, celebrating the grinders, playing with an octopus in a tank top and throwing it to KISS.

Don Cherry's regal appearance on Hockey Day in Canada 2010. From CBC:

Cherry had dressed up earlier in the day as King Lear.

While on stage, Cherry quoted the opening lines of King Lear, including, "My story will be told by an idiot."

"Ron had a huge grin on his face when he said that," Mathieson said.


And, of course: The infamous 2009 Don Cherry parody of the Dos Equis commercial campaign for "the most interesting man in the world." Oh, but for Grapes, it's the universe.

This clip led to the creation of the "Don Cherry would kick the ass of the Dos Equis guy!!!!!!!!!!" Facebook page, which is 57 members strong and counting.

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