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If you're like us, you rooted against Rachel McAdams in "Mean Girls"; wanted to marry her in "Wedding Crashers"; didn't see "The Notebook" (or would never confirm if you did); and wished she had played Lois Lane in that "Superman" revival.

You also wanted to believe she was the type of dame who'd have some suds and enthusiastically dance if her image appeared on the Jumbotron during a hockey game. Guess what? She is:

As Leahy noted Thursday, McAdams attended Game 4 between the Boston Bruins and Vancouver Canucks at TD Garden, which actually used the "Rachel McAdams Cam" on its video screen several times during the game. The first five times we watched this clip we didn't notice the lack of music. Just pretend it's something from Dropkick Murphys, because it probably was.

She's from London, Ontario, so this obviously isn't her first rodeo. And while she's probably pulling for the 'Nucks, we'd suggest to the Bruins that making her and the Bruins Bear honorary co-captains for Game 6 would guarantee a Cup.

Now, where were the Green Men with a cardboard cutout of Lindsay Lohan when you need them …

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