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Above is a scene from a "Top Gun" parody featured in the Dallas Stars Ice Girls 2010 Lake Day video*. Either one can be our wing woman. Anytime.

Yes, it's once again time for the majority of the Puck Daddy readership to declare our temporary allegiance to the Stars ... and, conversely, for the rest of the readership to either tolerate or belittle our brief foray into objectification.

The Dallas Ice Girls have become infamous for their annual slice of hokey cheesecake known as Lake Day. Two seasons ago, it was a boat full of lovelies tanning and waving and waving while tanning and all somehow avoiding a Sean Avery(notes) cameo. Last season, the Girls were featured in a bikini hockey game and gave us the immortal lines like:

"Where are my pants?"

"Let's go to the lake."

Now, after a series of teasers, Lake Day 2010 has arrived with the usual soft-core boat amusement and, this season, a series of TV and movie parodies. We're talking "Top Gun," "Baywatch," "Fast Times" and a "Back To School" reference that made Leahy declare his love. For the video. We think.

And with that, we encourage all NHL teams with Ice Girls to create their own Lake Day-type videos to kick off the season. And by "all NHL teams," we mean this is mandatory, Chicago Blackhawks Ice Crew.

* Forgive us, female Puck Daddy readership, for this yearly dalliance. For we are weak and Lake Day is strong. We promise we'll make it up to you by continuing to fight the good fight on NHL fashion. Or, if you'd prefer, provide more gratuitous half-nude shots of Zdeno Chara and Mike Commodore.  

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