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We'll give Cuba Gooding Jr. this much: His "Slap Shot" strip tease was a suitable homage to Ned Braden, and we'd expect nothing less from an Academy Award winner. Or the star of "Boat Trip."

But then this clip from the Los Angeles Kings' Face-Off for Hope charity game last weekend takes a squirmy turn, as Gooding gives the most uncomfortable between-the-benches hockey interview California has seen since Scott Niedermayer attempted to ignore fans beating the hell out of each other for a stick. That Cuba does this with cake on his face simply adds to the mirth:

Our new hockey battle cry: "YOU CAN'T TOP THE CAKE! LONG LIVE SNOW DOGS! SNOW...DAWGZ!"

Hey, it was for a good cause; and Cuba seemed pretty pumped by the whole affair, especially when asked whether the Oscar or scoring a goal on the Kings' home rink mattered more to him. Like we said: Heck of an actor.

"Scoring a goal at STAPLES Center is the best thing that's happened to me," Gooding Jr. said.

Celebrating his 42nd birthday, Gooding Jr. notched a hat-trick as his team won 7-5 in the first annual Face-Off for Hope game on Saturday following the Los Angeles Kings 2-1 victory over the Washington Capitals. The game benefited the City of Hope hospital and a portion of the proceeds from ticket sales were donated to help further cancer research at the hospital.

Check out the other famous people (and famous-for-hockey people) at the event in this photo gallery and more information on Month for Hope on the Kings' site.

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