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After stopping Chris Kunitz(notes) to give his team a shootout victory over the Pittsburgh Penguins, Carey Price(notes) celebrated by doing ... this. We can only assume he had been listening to some old school rap before the game, and was thus inspired to cross his arms while telling all the Penguins' mothers, "Word."

Seriously, we haven't seen a Canadian with this much street cred since Justin Bieber was on "Regis and Kelly."

Here's a clip from The Score on the shootout finale (stick-tap Brian S.), as the Habs beat the Sidney Crosby-less Penguins, 2-1:

The Montreal Gazette called it Price's best performance in a month, and it came on a night when the Habs learned defenseman Josh Gorges(notes) is done for the season with knee surgery.

Price is, of course, getting killed in the puckhead world for this brash display, which is expected but unfortunate considering how utterly hilarious it is to see a rodeo price from British Columbia strike a bad-ass pose after a regular-season shootout. No one on the corner has swagger like Price.

(UPDATE: As reader Chris Arnold points out, it's not the first pose for Price after a shootout, either. Check out his Usain Bolt action from 2008.)

Ah, but he wouldn't have had a chance to clinch the win were it not for this incredible shootout move from Benoit Pouliot(notes), channeling his inner Peter Forsberg against Brent Johnson(notes)

Oh, that was just obscene. No, not the goal; the fact that a skills competition can determine the winner of a team game and, in turn, playoff seeding. But the goal was pretty cool too. Could have used some cross-armed posing ...

Stick-tap to Leon for the Price image.

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