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To the victor goes the opportunity to rub success in the loser's face, and it was an opportunity Kelly Park wasn't going to pass up.

Park, a web developer at outdoor clothing company Ibex and a Boston Bruins fan, vowed to his boss Bill, a Montreal Canadiens fan, that if the B's beat the Habs in Round 1 there would be a prank pulled on him.

Boston won the series in seven games. The prank Park chose? Repainting and redecorating his boss' office in black and gold.

This. Is. Epic. Prank reveal about 3 minutes in.

Greatest Office Prank: "Welcome to Bruins Country" from climbhighproductions on Vimeo.

Kelly Park, huh? Wonder if his dad had anything to do with the Bruins?

Pretty much the only way this could have been better is if the Bruins Bear was going through the company files when Bill walked into his office ...

Say this for the Boston faithful: Few franchises inspire such passionate, snarky gamesmanship. For example, the Bruins are back at it with the ad campaign that targets the good people of Philadelphia, ahead of Wednesday night's Game 3 against the Philadelphia Flyers (via reader Nick Sideris and the HF Boards):

Well done. But we miss last season's misogyny.

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