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Formerly of "The Howard Stern Show" and having famously derailed "Joe Buck Live" on HBO, Artie Lange is now doing a podcast with comedian Nick Di Paolo called "The Nick and Artie Show."

While we were aware of Artie's status as a sports fanatic — you may have seen "Beer League" at 3 a.m. on Comedy Central at some point — we were never sure about his puckhead cred. It's apparently off the charts: Here is Artie Lange and Nick Di Paolo trading Don Cherry impressions this week on the podcast. (Amazingly, this is SFW.)

This is, incidentally, every American's impression of Don Cherry. After three beers. Although we'll usually toss in a GOOD CANADIAN BOY and a few more "now look ... look ... look" pauses.

Really, any podcast with a John Wensink reference is going to get a thumbs-up over here. Remember when hockey looked like this?

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