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CCM's effort to turn pitchman Alex Ovechkin's(notes) disembodied head into the next Taco Bell Chihuahua or GEICO gecko began solidly with the Washington Capitals captain's noggin dispensing wisdom and laughing manically inside a young student's locker. (We're partial to the French and Russian translations, via Russian Machine Never Breaks.)

Here's the latest ad for the U+ Crazy Light skate, featuring Ovech-Head attempting to discourage a young athlete from a life of smelly shoes, pitchers of cheap domestic beer and loud button-down shirts with a nickname over the pocket. (And what a life it would have been ...)

Ovechkin, of course, joins a storied history of severed heads and bowling. Like a recent "C.S.I." episode in which a death at a bowling alley featured a head in the ball return. (With the great line: "When did bowling become so serious?") And, of course, Joe Pantoliano's messy demise on "The Sopranos" that actually earned him an Emmy; who fits the bag better?

These CCM commercials are great, and we're genuinely excited to see where Ovech-Head turns up. Where would you like to see Ovechkin's noggin next? (Attn: Penguins fans -- on the end of a spear is not an option in this informal poll.)

In any case, we thank CCM for this commercial; because after it airs, we figure it gives us carte blanche to call local bowling alleys to inquire about the weight of their Alex Ovechkin balls. Because we a bunch of 9 year olds, you see. 

Stick-tap to TBD for the ad.

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