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Last month, we brought you the story of Elizabeth Hughes, an 8-year-old girl making her debut singing the national anthem at an AHL Norfolk Admirals game. You remember: The angelic voice that abruptly cut out when the mic did, leading to the arena crowd singing the rest of the song for her:

(We'll give you a moment to wipe the tears ... it still gets us, too.)

This video went viral, earning 4.9 million views on YouTube, and soon Elizabeth's story appeared everywhere from NPR to "Good Morning America" to the Guardian newspaper in the U.K.

On Saturday night at the Admirals' home game, Elizabeth finally had her encore at the rink, with friends and family in the crowd to watch.

Take note, Xtina: There can be redemption! (Granted, the difference between a mic cutting out and botching the words to the most famous song in U.S. history is a bit like comparing the attendance of a Norfolk Admirals game to the Super Bowl.)

Truth be told, we miss that cackling moron from the first video. Every good drama needs an antagonist ...  

Reader Kim P., who sent in the clip, reports that Elizabeth also did the ceremonial puck drop and was given a signed jersey. Kim said he's also scheduled to sing at a Tampa Bay Lightning game, the Admirals' parent team, on Feb. 17 against the Detroit Red Wings.

Speaking Christina Aguilera, anthems and hockey: The Syracuse Crunch, the Anaheim Ducks' affiliate, announced Monday that they will invite pop star Christina Aguilera to sing the National Anthem at an upcoming home game. It's no "Iowa Chops offer contract to Brett Favre," but it's a noble publicity-whoring effort.

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