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Even though Chicago Blackhawks star Patrick Kane(notes) avoided jail time after pleading guilty to disorderly conduct following that alleged cab-driver assault in Buffalo last summer, his real sentence was confinement in the long memories of cynical opposing fans.

They goofed on him at the Olympics with "Call Kane a Cab" signs. They created satirical T-shirts. They even jeered him in Buffalo.

Now, as the action in the Blackhawks' series against the Vancouver Canucks moves to Game 3 in B.C., Kane's infamous "20-Cent beating case" is literally front-page news for Vancouver 24 Hours -- in a gleefully satirical way.

From the Guts McTavish humor column today:

Vancouver's taxicab community needs your support.

With the Chicago Blackhawks' Patrick Kane coming to town for Games 3 and 4 of the Canucks-Blackhawks series, cabbies in the Lower Mainland are banding together and ensuring they have the proper change ready -- two dimes, in particular -- just in case it's needed.

Kane and his cousin were charged with beating up a taxi driver in Buffalo in an August 2009 incident after the cabbie allegedly was unable to provide 20 cents in change for the $15 paid by Kane.

It's up to us as a society to band together and keep our beaded-seat-sitting brothers and sisters safe. If you pull up next to a cab driver at a light this week, show them your solidarity by giving them a different finger for a change. A thumbs up.

The digital version of the issue can be viewed here in a .PDF. Our only question: LimoGate happens in Vancouver and not a word about it? Afraid of offending the local talent or something?

Stick-tap to Chicago Sun-Times beat writer Adam Jahns (via Frank Wisniewski) for the find, as he tweeted that it's "pretty outdated and unnecessary if you ask me." Someone has an obvious lack of concern for the well-being of British Columbian cabbies.

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