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The Chronicles of Stanley is an occasional series this summer that tracks the Detroit Red Wings as they each get their special alone time with the Stanley Cup. For more about the travels of the Chalice, visit NHL.com's Stanley Cup blog.

Our last update on the Detroit Red Wings Cup travels was in late July, when Tomas Holmstrom turned the Stanley Cup into a baptismal font and Mike Babcock was involved in a creepy tale about a spooky bagpiper on a lake. Since then, the Cup's spent more time in Europe than Roman Polanski and Woody Allen combined.

After partying with Dominik Hasek in the Czech Republic (for the record: Ovechkin clothing line > "Dominator" clothing line), Jiri Hudler got to spend his day with the Cup. Luckily, his model girlfriend Simona Krainova was there, allowing George James Malik of Snap Shots to drop this knowledge from press coverage of the day:

[She] admits that Hudler's getting the proper push to physically challenge his slightly lazy self under T.R. Goodman's tutelage in Los Angeles, and she also says that Hudler's a bit amusing when he's celebrating with the Cup because he's "hyper" when he's not inebriated, too, but she feels that he's a "normal guy" and says that the two aren't together because they want to appear in newspapers or be called a celebrity couple--they just care for each other.

Aw, so sweet. According to another Malik translation, Hudler also told the press that the Wings' Cup win was "like drugs, the man still wants more and more." Which is profound if you believe he's talking about the government's costly and ineffective war on narcotics; or disturbing if he's talking about getting zonked himself.

Anyhoo, here's a video of Hudler hitting the stage.

Hudler then traveled with the Cup to Slovakia to hang with Thomas Kopecky, whose Cup celebration drew a slew of admirers. The Web site Pravda.sk has some photo and video coverage; please note that Kopecky ate a hearty tripe soup out of the Stanley Cup, which is still the second most stomach-churning thing it's seen this off-season.

This next video with defenseman Niklas Kronvall chronicles his day in the Stockholm suburb of Jarfalla. (Gesundheit!) There's not a lick of English beyond the word "wow," but it's worth a look just to see what someone like Kronvall experiences when he brings the Cup back home. (Also, and this could just be an urban legend, but we've heard that if you start The Hives' "Veni Vidi Vicious" right as Kronvall's first foot hits the red carpet, it, like, totally syncs up.)

Henrik Zetterberg spent his day with the Cup in Njurunda and Timra, Sweden. Malik has basically every shred of awkwardly-translated coverage you'd ever want about Zetter's visit back home, including this passage from Dagbladet:

Much has happened since those days. A new NHL season we shall soon see, and Henrik Zetterberg time with the trophy is about to run out - at least for now. "The Cup may have a lot of things on its plate and it must be a little confusing to be part of it, but it comes together in when you have it. For the select few," he says.

Yes, the stories around the Stanley Cup-goblet are many. But if it has been involved in any new stories in the last few days before leaving "Z" for the future ..."Things happened a little, but there is nothing to address here and now," he concluded with a smile. And who knows, maybe it will take just one year before the duo returns to Medelpad.

For the record, Medelpad is "a historical province or landskap in the north of Sweden." Or part of a kick-ass drum kit. One of the two.

Here's video of Zetter's dramatic entrance into Eon Arena in Timra with the Cup. Sadly, no appearance by the Zetterberg Song (snipe, snipe); instead, Tina Turner's "Simply the Best" appears to be the universal language of champions ...

... because Mikael Samuelsson heard it, too, at his Swedish Cup celebration.

Johan Franzen's day with the Cup was covered quite well by The Hockey Show on NHL.com (video). The initial image of The Mule with his arm around Stanley in what appears to be a log cabin is worth the loading time.

Finally, we turn our attention to the delightful Chris Osgood, who partied with Stanley in Vernon, BC late last month. Besides looking like one of the aliens from "Cocoon" with his pasty skin, Osgood was also the victim of hi-jinks, according to the Hockey Hall of Fame's Cup blog:

The goaltender is one of the most active practical jokers on the roster of the Red Wings, but for one of the first times in his 35 years on this earth, he finally found out that revenge can get nasty. One of his favoured 'tricks' is to Sharpie an unsuspecting teammate, which involves drawing all over a sleeping subject using the Sharpie markers players favour for autograph sessions. Suffice it to say that Chris spent more than an hour scrubbing himself in the shower to remove the handiwork of some 'friends.'

Rumor has it Osgood let out a girlish shriek when he realized someone had Sharpied Sidney Crosby's playoff beard on him ...

(Huge kudos to George James Malik of Snap Shots, who tirelessly compiled nearly every shred of coverage on the Wings' European journeys.)

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