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Last year during the Stanley Cup Playoffs, we presented the 10 Most Fascinating Playoff Beards, a player-by-player, before-and-after look at some of the most memorable facial foliage of the postseason.

Some of the faces on the 2010 list reappear on this year's countdown, but there are plenty of new ones as well from teams still vying for the Stanley Cup and ones that have been eliminated. Such as Mr. Shea Weber(notes), whose beard above is undeniably awesome — if a little controversial (we'll explain later).

Now, put the razors away and start celebrating the 10 most fascinating NHL playoff beards of 2011 (so far).

And here … we … go.

10. Raffi Torres(notes), Vancouver Canucks

This could have easily been Joe Pavelski(notes) of the San Jose Sharks for his dipped-in-a-bag-of-Sun-Chips beard. But we'll go with Raffi here because he has (a) the most interesting beard on the Canucks and (b) ginger power.

9. Niclas Wallin(notes), San Jose Sharks

A great example of how a few layers of whiskers can turn crazy into (expletive) crazy.

8. Ryan Malone(notes), Tampa Bay Lightning

A slight deduction for already having a solid beard in the regular season, but Malone's bushy 'stache/playoff beard combo has a certain McConaughey'ish charm. AlrightAlrightAlright…

7. Karl Alzner(notes), Washington Capitals

Oh my, the places Alzner's beard could have gone if the Capitals hadn't been swept out of the semifinals. He could have had Mike Commodore's head on his chin by the end of the playoffs.

6. Steven Stamkos(notes), Tampa Bay Lightning

You have to give it up to him. One look at Stamkos during the regular season, and you're thinking his playoff beard is going to be a patchy mess like Patrick Kane's(notes) or undetectable like Valtteri Filppula's.(notes) Wrong and wrong: Not only has Stamkos found his scoring touch, he looks the part.

5. Tim Thomas(notes), Boston Bruins

Last postseason, Thomas' '70s-style handlebar mustache was wasted on the bench. Now, the 'stache has been connected to some significant facial foliage for the best goalie beard of the postseason.

4. Zdeno Chara(notes), Boston Bruins

Just look at the difference. It's like an angel and a devil. "Good Zdeno holds up on his checks … Bad Zdeno heads right for the turnbuckle!"

3. Todd Bertuzzi(notes), Detroit Red Wings

No. 1 on last year's list of the most fascinating playoff beards, Bertuzzi's remains one of the most unkempt, homeless guy faces of the postseason. (The teeth, or lack thereof, help.) The Red Wings have other winners like Zetterberg, Franzen and even Datsyuk. But Todd Bertuzzi with a burgeoning Unabomber beard must be respected.

Now, at this point, we need to mention that the Top 2 on the list are cheaters. If you don't believe a proper playoff beard should begin to be cultivated in, say, February, then you can obviously disqualify these two.

However, there's no denying the awesome power of …

2. Paul Mara(notes), Montreal Canadiens

The man looks like a human toilet brush.

1. Shea Weber, Nashville Predators

"You started your beard in February! This is blasphemy! This is madness!"




[Weber kicks his accuser into a deep well before rejoining the other 300 Pred-torian guards]

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