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The Sunday Comics are the best part of the newspaper, even if you're one of those losers that follows the adventures of Mark Trail. They arrive here on Puck Daddy each Sunday morning to make you spit coffee.

Sunday Comics: Call of Duty, Artem Anisimov edition

How on Earth did it take this long for us to receive some Photoshop love for New York Rangers forward Artem Anisimov's gun-lovin' celebration against the Tampa Bay Lightning last week?

From reader Mike Messar:

If anyone can help me, it's you. Do you have the cheat codes for Code of Duty's Mission: Anisimov level? I can't get past it (him). Thanks, dude.

Sadly, no, but up up down down left right left right B A start will give Marian Gaborik an extra 30 games between injuries.

The Artem Anisimov fun doesn't end there …

From reader Jason Richards (@cherdos on Twitter):

Sunday Comics: Call of Duty, Artem Anisimov edition

In fairness, the Bruins Bear never made a rule that stated you couldn't kill him with imaginary bullets fired from a hockey stick.

One thing's for certain: After seeing this image, Roberto Luongo's next move is buying an Anisimov sweater. Or hiring him as a sniper in the rafters the next time he has to face the Boston Bruins.

Finally, from John S. (a.k.a. Chicago Native Son), in celebration of Marian Hossa's 400th NHL goal:

Sunday Comics: Call of Duty, Artem Anisimov edition

"No one's EVER done a 300 movie parody before, amiright??"

Nope, not a single person has. Ever.

To those that have been asking: We'll have our latest Reader Art contest announced this week, themed for the holidays. Or should we say, Reader Art and Crafts contest …

If you have anything you'd like to contribute to Sunday Comics, send'em over to puckdaddyblog@yahoo.com no later than Saturday night.

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