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JP from Japers' Rink, writing at NHL FanHouse, has a great post up inspired by the signing of Fedor Fedorov by the New Jersey Devils.

Because, you see, Fedor is a scant 1,144 points behind brother Sergei Fedorov of the Washington Capitals in lifetime NHL stats. Playing for the Devils, he's on track to catch him sometime around the year 2086.

Yes, this is a perfect time to celebrate the careers of Paul Messier, Gilbert Dionne, Rocky Trottier (a former No. 1 draft pick for the Devils, no less) and the unforgettable Brett Lindros, famous for looking like an Eric Lindros Halloween mask while with the New York Islanders and for being the first to marry the words "Lindros" and "career-ending concussion."

For the record: Darryl Sutter (279 points in 406 games) has the lowest point total of the Sutter brothers, but Rich Sutter has the lowest points per game average at 0.36. You can finally get a good night's sleep now.

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