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While we were pre-occupied with collecting Topps hockey cards with the disintegrating gum inside growing up, the girls we knew were either into playing "Mall Madness" or busy trading their favorite pop culture trading cards. We would be busy bemoaning the three Scott Lachance cards in our recently bought pack or trying to trade a Curtis Leschyshyn for a Dave Babych, while the girls would decide whether or not their Corey Haim or Corey Feldman cards would get top billing on the wall above their bed.

If any young girls are collecting trading cards today, they're likely flipping out as a Justin Bieber trading-card set was released via Panini America. It's a set that includes 500 randomly inserted autographed cards, including his meeting with the Stanley Cup:

A hockey fan growing up, The Bieb has been slowly infesting the hockey world over the past few months. From his airport run-in with NHL Network and CBC's Kevin Weekes to a personalized jersey from the Philadelphia Flyers to NHL players being forced to talk about the teen pop idol, we're this close to having J-Bieber playing the NHL Awards in Las Vegas next June. (Would that be considered a step up from Chaka Khan?)

Bieber has also made his way into the 2010-11 Donruss Hockey set. Much like when Pro Set Platinum had a subset featuring celebrity team captains (like Mr. Rogers for the Pittsburgh Penguins), the Donruss set features celebrity "Fans of the Game." And if things weren't bad enough for the Toronto Maple Leafs, former "Baywatch" babe Pamela Anderson was chosen for the Vancouver Canucks, while Bieber was selected for the Buds, using another photo of him holding the Cup:

Haven't Leafs fans been through enough? Being taunted by Bieber really just isn't fair. 

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